Spotted: Deanna Hummel and Jon Gosselin in Utah!

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Sorry, Deanna Hummel. You can run around and have an extramarital affair with Jon Gosselin, but you can't hide.

While few photos of Jon Gosselin's alleged mistress exist, Us Weekly - which has dedicated approximately 217 staff members to coverage of the Gosselin marriage - has tracked down a shot of Deanna and Jon vacationing in Utah.

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In late March, the pair attended an event called "Spring Gruv" at The Canyons Ski Resort in Park City.

"There wasn't any making out or hand-holding," a witness told the magazine. "But there was that whole girly-smiley-chatty thing. She didn't seem like somebody he'd just met. It seemed like two people having a great afternoon."

That's right, readers: Hummel has been caught doing the "girly-smiley-chatty thing" with Jon Gosselin!

Later that same day, Deanna and Jon went to a bar at the resort. Once there, onlookers spotted the twosome "curled up in one of the booth seats and very cuddly. Nobody was put off or surprised by it at all."

They were shocked at how sloshed Gosselin got, however. Said a source:

"[Jon] just looked different. He was so smashed, his eyes were barely open."

Sounds like Deanna Hummel in her rumored sex tape.


Well Kate already tried to put Jons balls in a jar. It was painful to see how she treated him like a kid rather than a man that she loves. I think she intentionally ran him off so she can play the victim now. She will replace him eventually for ratings but for now wants to be the single mom star who can do it all herself because she is so great ( she thinks.) Sad for the kids no money set aside for them?


YES YES I AGREE WITH ALISSA. This woman is ULGY, and is she sitting in a pile of garbage? WHAT DOES HE SEE IN HER. KATE may have looked a bit homely while pregnant, but she wasn't all that bad before, this woman is young and has no kids.... whats he going to do when she wants a baby?


she looks skanky--so ugly and cheap looking
we know why Jon is taking her places


I just have to say that if he was going to have a mistress, the least he could have done was gotten one that was pretty. Seriously, has he never looked this girl in the face before? She looks like a horse!


Wow Angie Anglin: Sounds like you've had some personal issues with this in the past? Do you have a husband? Are his balls in a jar?


Why does it have to be an extramarital affair? Doesn't anyone think maybe Jon and Kate are separated...not getting divorced yet because of the show...and he's free to do whatever he wants?


i think the mistress/kid needs to get a her own life instead of stealing kates! i hate little whores like that! and john needs his penis cut off for having the affair! and the worst part is the kids are the ones to suffer! such devastation! i think they should pull the show off the air and give this family space to heal! and to miss school teacher , i would cut ur throat if u ever, or anyone of your kind interferred with my marrige! so get your own life , you nasty skank-bag husband stealing slut!

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