Spotted: Deanna Hummel and Jon Gosselin in Utah!

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Sorry, Deanna Hummel. You can run around and have an extramarital affair with Jon Gosselin, but you can't hide.

While few photos of Jon Gosselin's alleged mistress exist, Us Weekly - which has dedicated approximately 217 staff members to coverage of the Gosselin marriage - has tracked down a shot of Deanna and Jon vacationing in Utah.

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In late March, the pair attended an event called "Spring Gruv" at The Canyons Ski Resort in Park City.

"There wasn't any making out or hand-holding," a witness told the magazine. "But there was that whole girly-smiley-chatty thing. She didn't seem like somebody he'd just met. It seemed like two people having a great afternoon."

That's right, readers: Hummel has been caught doing the "girly-smiley-chatty thing" with Jon Gosselin!

Later that same day, Deanna and Jon went to a bar at the resort. Once there, onlookers spotted the twosome "curled up in one of the booth seats and very cuddly. Nobody was put off or surprised by it at all."

They were shocked at how sloshed Gosselin got, however. Said a source:

"[Jon] just looked different. He was so smashed, his eyes were barely open."

Sounds like Deanna Hummel in her rumored sex tape.


Jon did not cheat on Kate, i beleive that. But, now he is running around partying with College chicks everywhere and thats wrong. There are pictures all over google of him smoking and swapping spit with some crackhead and one day his kids will google him, Cara and Mady are not Babies Jon, you can not keep them in a box. one day they will go out with a friend and see you with your hand in the back pocket of your new playthings skinny jeans and they wont respect you anymore. You owe it to them to be a decent human being, no one deserves a dad like that, no one.


do not be so hard on Deanna.For god sakes her father is a crack addict cab driver,her mother is a schoolteacher w/an incontinence problem,her two brothers were the laughing stock of RHS bragging about masterbating eight times a day now if that's not a dysfunctional family I don't know what is.So what if she wants to have a fling with some chink asshole w/10 kids who's used to being led around by the cock.A little fame entitles you to some low class trim.When you attain a higher level of fame that entitles you to better groupees.Doolars to doughnuts says the fling will be over before next season.


I do not like this deanna chick. She is a homewrecker and needs to find someone her age. Go away you slob


she is not even old enough to be his children's mother! She was just barely legal when the sextuplets were born, and still in MIDDLE School when his twins were boring.. he does not need to be gallivanting around with a young girl... and the fact that she has been to his house to "sunbath" is sick. If your going to regress back to your juvenile years dont do it in front of your poor children


I this Deanna is a whore....Jon is a married man and any woman that runs around and has an affair with a married man is a whore,,,there is NO excuse for that behavior!


i would pound that too good work john


I started watching J&K+8 With my young daughter. She repeatedly calls out "baby" when the young ones pass the screen. I started reading "Multiple Bles8ings" before all of the infidelity rumors began. I was in awe of their true love and devotion I read through Kate's words. My advice to them both is to reread her book and start marriage counseling. Not only do their 8 precious angels deserve it, but they also do.


WTF men are heartless they act like oh i can leave and whatever... screw him Katie just wait in time when his ass is left all alone he's going to want to come home to you and your kids but piss on that go find yourself a real piece of meat while he messes with that lil cunt Deanna..... shit chick you need some curves to your frail white ugliness


I hope Jon thinks it was worth it! He's jus' sorry he got caught. I applaud Kate for not putting up with his A$$....I think she is doing the right thing. It is so selfish of Jon to put his marriage, children and life(as he knew it) at stake for sex with a young, skank, homewrecking whore!(Deanna's profile reminds me of the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz) LOL..... Jon is trying to re-live his 20's again.....One day he might be sorry. I think Kate has been devastated by his actions. Affairs hurt loved ones and especially children. Some day when his kids know the truth, they will hate him for what he has done to their Mom and their life!


We should try to remember here that there are eight young, innocent children caught in the middle of this mess. We should feel sympathy for them and let the adults fend for themselves. I do think however that no matter how bad Kate appears to be (and remember shows love to edit footage to make things look how they want) there is no excuse for Jon going out and having an affair. He could've at least waited until divorce papers were filed. Someday his children will be old enough to see the pictures and understand that he was running around with this girl beforehand. As a father he should be ashamed of himself for setting that kind of example. Kate is definitely an overbearing control freak, but Jon is a coward and a schmuck for taking the easy way out. You two have EIGHT kids together, haven't you heard of counseling? The whole family could have benifited from it if for no other reason than to help the children through the divorce transition.

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