Spotted: Adam Lambert and Boyfriend?!?

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For the record, we don't care if Adam Lambert is gay or not.

The guy is a great singer and a seemingly nice, humble fella. That's all we need to know.

But millions of American Idol fans have been debating his sexual orientation - much to Adam's delight - for months. Supposedly, Lambert will officially come out of the closet in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.

Unless he did so last night.

The season eight runner-up was seen exiting a West Hollywood club, hand-in-hand with a man believed to be his boyfriend. We can't confirm or deny this rumor, but we can post photos of Lambert and his alleged lover...

Adam Lambert, Boyfriend
Adam Lambert and Boyfriend?

Is this (lucky) guy Adam Lambert's boyfriend? Send us his name if you know it!

[Photo credit: Fame Pictures]

** UPDATE: Our astute readers have identified the man above as Drake LaBry, a 24-year old interior designer.

Check out more pics of him and Lambert leaving the club RIGHT NOW.


Hi Adam, I think you are very sexy and handsome and have a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes. I can't wait for your music. I always look forward seeing you every Tuesday and Wednesday on the American Idol. I wish you had a DVR coming out, want to look at you singing. Good Luck. Ruby ---Spring, Texas.


Good for you Adam Lambert. Judging by the response of his female fans now they will have two men to drool over. I'm going to have to hide this from my wife. She's an Adam fan and I've already lost her to him. Now if she see's him with someone else I'll never see her again. She spend twice as much time on the Internet. So ladies, I understand the vocal talent. I will give you that one. I too find myself astonished by that range. But, you ladies along with my wife, my daughter, my sister and several female co-workers act like he's the next coming of Elvis or the Beatles.


Now that we know all about Adam, I want, no I demand to know if Anoop, Matt, Scott, Allison, and the other top 10 Idols are gay?


rock on Lambert...


I love Adam no matter what!! he is an incredible artist and human being.. gay or no gay, that doesn't affect at all what at least "I" personally think of Adam... very cute couple.. :)


aww!!! ok they look so cute together. and to the media: lets leave them alone, kay? stop obessing over adam's personal affairs!
after all, we're here for the music and he is an awesome artist!!!
u go adam! do what u want, im sure us Glamberts will ALWAYS support u!


Rock on Adam, rock on! Love you!!!!!


OK where have you been. Drake was already talked about, including his name, where he is from, what he does for a living AND he was at the Idol shows sitting with Adam's mom. OMG people if you are going to post crap like this at least make it informed crap! I wish all the best for Adam and whoever he decides to be with. Whoever it is that person will be a very lucky one. I'm a Glambert and proud of it!!! We love you Adam and can't wait for your cd!


Adam continues to carry himself with such class and conviction. His astonishing talent will transcend this media storm. I wish you the best of everything, Adam. (and Hi, Drake!).


Adorable couple. Glad he looks happy!

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