Spotted: Adam Lambert and Boyfriend?!?

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For the record, we don't care if Adam Lambert is gay or not.

The guy is a great singer and a seemingly nice, humble fella. That's all we need to know.

But millions of American Idol fans have been debating his sexual orientation - much to Adam's delight - for months. Supposedly, Lambert will officially come out of the closet in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.

Unless he did so last night.

The season eight runner-up was seen exiting a West Hollywood club, hand-in-hand with a man believed to be his boyfriend. We can't confirm or deny this rumor, but we can post photos of Lambert and his alleged lover...

Adam Lambert, Boyfriend
Adam Lambert and Boyfriend?

Is this (lucky) guy Adam Lambert's boyfriend? Send us his name if you know it!

[Photo credit: Fame Pictures]

** UPDATE: Our astute readers have identified the man above as Drake LaBry, a 24-year old interior designer.

Check out more pics of him and Lambert leaving the club RIGHT NOW.


Howabout naming the couple "LaLa"?


Well,I wish them happiness!!
But Adam and Cris Angel are like twins..
Only Adam is the black hair version and Cris is the blond hair version..(I think so!!haha!!)


They are a cute couple, and I heard that they have been together for a long time.


I'm very happy for them. I loved Adam from the beginning, and I wish people would leave him alone about this already. He is an amazing singer an seems like a really sweet person. I hope they are happy together - they deserve the best, and I wish them that. I can't wait for Adam's CD!!


Did you actually say in this article, that millions of idol fans want to know if Adam is gay. We already know he's gay, and we don't care. Don't use the American Idol fans, as an excuse to stalk Adam Lambert every minute of the day. Leave him alone, so he can have a lovelife, without an camera in his face.


Now can we please focus on Adam's incredible talent??? Adam, be happy! See you on tour!


Hi Adam, just want to say that I love you and admire you very much. I hope you will always be happy and all your dreams will come true.


HOT! Love u Adam! Keep being yourself and f-k everyone else. Respect! Rock on and create great music!


He looks so happy. I am so ecstatic that he came out so...nonchalantly. It shouldn't even matter. He is a superstar. He is happy. That's all that should matter.


If you all recollect, the "mystery man" was at at least one, if not more of Adam's performances, sitting with family and friends. Please, can't we leave Adam's sexuality out of this and just wish him the happiness and success he so rightly deserves? When was the last time someone asked you, or anyone else for that matter, "are you a heterosexual"?

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