Speidi Declares End to Al Roker Feud

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Heidi and Spencer Pratt thought Today co-host Al Roker went too far Monday when asking if they were proud of her behavior on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

Their visit sparked a war of words and a full-on Speidi-Al Roker feud.

"This weather guy was definitely out of line. He should stick to predicting cloudy days," Heidi hilariously said. "Maybe someone rained on his little parade today."

Heidi Montag complained that Roker didn't thank them after the interview and made her cry after attacking her on national TV, saying he should learn manners.

"Please do not be rude to women in the future," she chastised Al. "Please do not be rude to me. Please watch your tone, especially if you have a mother or a wife or a daughter. I don't think that they would appreciate you talking to them like that."

Fortunately for Al Roker, the gruesome twosome is ready to bury the hatchet.

"I forgive you, you don't even have to ask," Heidi said. "It's OK. The devil gets into all of us sometimes. You're forgiven. It'll be a sunny day tomorrow, Weatherman!"

For his part, Roker sort of apologized via Twitter last night.

"Heidi and Spencer Pratt are young and eventually will realize there is more to life than fame," he write. "And by putting them on, we are playing into their evil plot for world domination. For that, I apologize. Mwuh ha ha ha ha."

When Spencer learned of Roker's apology, he said he was satisfied.

"At least he understands Speidi's goals now," he said.

Dear God. How is one person simultaneously so revolting and entertaining. Follow the jump for Speidi's video statement about the incident to Us Weekly ...


Could Heidi get anymore putrid looking. She was actually a cute girl now she looks like a piece of plastic. I feel for her parents because she has made herself to look like the fool. They think they have fans. Haters is more like it and that's how they make their money. I think they have finally screwed themselves with the Today show debacle and quitting an NBC show a trillion times. They are over staying their 15 minutes and when the Hills is no more I can only imagine what they will do next. Sex tape?


I used to think they were, well kinda funny enough to watch the stupidy every now and then. Please remove them entirely from tv. They are not funny, they are not the slightest bit likeable. They are pathetic. I will no longet support your shows nor your products. They are totally disgusting.


Come on! It was a reality show, they made the show along with Janice. lol. They were doing what they were paid for.


I really dont understand what the big deal is... WHO CARES Spedi... u just wnat more attention!


the sickest part is, you can tell they actually believe what they say.

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