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Guess a decade of being emasculated by a grating bitch - on national television, no less, for a good portion of it - will take its toll on any guy eventually.

Jon Gosselin spent the weekend of his 10th wedding anniversary apart from wife Kate and their eight kids. Not a good sign for the pair's troubled marriage.

While Kate played with the kids on the lawn of the family's Wernersville, Pa., home Saturday, Jon enjoyed a quick lunch with a male friend 150 miles away.

A waiter at the Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill in West Nyack, N.Y., says that Gosselin sat in the back of the restaurant for 45 minutes Saturday afternoon.

"He was shy and reserved," the waiter says.

But Jon obviously has his eight kids on his mind – and speed dial: "Jon was on the phone most of the time and was talking to his kids," says the waiter.

Jon Gosselin Shirtless

SHIRTLESS, UNHAPPY: Jon Gosselin has not been in a good mood lately, according to sources. Maybe that would change if Deanna Hummel were down there somewhere.

Jon also browsed a few shops – Brooks Brothers, The Sports Authority – at the Palisades Center mall that day. "He didn't look very happy," admits an employee.

"It looked like he just wanted to be left alone."

He returned home on Monday.

That night's episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 shed more than one million viewers from the previous week's audience. The most recent show, which included a visit from the dudes from TLC's American Chopper, brought in only 2.9 million viewers.

The previous episode, on June 8, had 4.3 million viewers. Both are down greatly from the season premiere on May 25, which brought in 9.8 million viewers.

Perhaps the allure of watching the world's most painful woman boss around a pot-smoking, cheating dirtbag is fading for some reality TV fans. Sad.


Kate sure wont be winning any mom of the year awards soon .I cant understand why all these talk shows are trying there best to build her image up ,(unless there all owned by the same company ,who runs john and kate ) .she did nothing but belittle john on their show ,cmon ,u wonder why maddies the way she is …Hellloooooo…sound familiar ??
shes a clone of her momma …..remember the show with ,maddie saying , all mommy does is sit down cuz she thinks she a queen bee !!! oh,what truth ,comes out of the mouth of babes !
my heart goes out to John , he was the best parent in that relationship! all the while gettn beat down by that bbbiiaattcchhh kate ! shes never home to be even considered being called a mother !! never mind a good one !! go figure ,kate wanna be star ! huh ! aint gonna happen ! and for all u kate lovers ,I can bet your all divorced or soon to be ! if u think that what shes doing is right !
God Bless you John,keep your head up and keep up the good work ! !


Check out the parody videos of jon and kate at


i feel so badly foe jon even thou he made a couple bad choses kate took it like a child


Put the kids up for adoption. It is unconscionable to have so many kids that the family had to "prostitute" itself on national TV to make ends meet. There are 10% of marriages that are barren and would love to have a kid or two.


Truth is, Kate as making more money now with her speaking engagements. That, along with his along passive tendencies, sent him right over the edge to aggressive. He's not a man, but a boy and wants out, period. Doesn't want to work it out. First he missed her birthday and then their anniversary. That spoke volumes, so Kate's letting him go. I say GOOD BYE to both of them.


Kate cheated first, with Steve Neild back in March. Jon should have left her a long time ago. I guess she nagged bc she was already cheating, mad, and wanted out. Poor Jon!


I feel bad for both of them. I am hopeful Kate will learn to be less bossy though. That's what's drove John to cheat, which is not right either. I have a lot of respect for Jon being patient, but cheating was still wrong. I believe Kate cheated with her bodyguard before too...


Jon, I feel sorry for you bro. Dealing with Kate is a nightmare. A lot of stupid feminists on this board too. Probably mostly angry single moms.


Jon hang in there people ARE on your side Kate is a BITCH.Lots of respect for you for putting up with her for as long as you have.


Girls, He has been cheating on her. Last nights show he said I'm only 32. Wippy, does that mean he dosen't have to be a hubby and a father full time. He's a big baby. He's excited and sad at the same time over breaking up . Come on. She's a strong personality no doubt, but she/no women deserves to be cheated on, another thing, I don't believe her affair, I think John went to her brother before his affair got out. He a manipulator, all cheaters are.


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