Source: Chris Brown Receiving Serious Death Threats

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Chris Brown has been criticized by many (The Hollywood Gossip included) for what he allegedly did to Rihanna, and how he has conducted himself since.

But to anyone threatening his life ... get one of your own. Seriously, ridiculing him on gossip blogs is fun, you should try it. No need to get all violent.

A reliable source tells the Chicago Sun-Times that Brown has a whole group of folks protecting him these days because the music star has become the target of death threats the authorities believe are actually legitimate.

In recent months, Brown, who was partying with Khloe Kardashian at a Miami klub last night, is rarely seen without a minimum of three very visible bodyguards - of the enormous variety - whenever he’s gone outside his house.

On top of that, there reportedly are always three or four others around the singer who are "incognito, said a longtime LAPD insider - stressing that at least one or two have been women, "but who are easily as tough as any man."

Death threats against Chris Brown have been coming from a group (or just one person claiming to be a group) calling itself the Women’s Protection Action League.

The alleged threats are "definitely tied" to the charges the entertainer beat the living hell out of Rhianna earlier this year. Brown is said to be "totally paranoid" about the threats on his life and has become obsessed with his security.

There have been some indications the potential assassin could be disguised as a paparazzi — yet another reason for Brown to despise celebrity gossip personnel.

Paranoid he may be, but that hasn't stopped his PR blitz.

Dude is far from under the radar these days. Here are more Chris Brown pics from last night's NBA Finals, where he and Omarion watched Orlando beat L.A.:


Death threats?!?!...that's the danger of posting criticism about public figures...the opinion falling into the grip of the mentally incapacitated. Brown is a young man who made a grievous mistake...he is not the first nor will he be the last young man to lose his temper and cross the line...why is the public hosting a lynch party with this young man's life? It's stupid, irresponsible and inflammatory. Rhianna was not permanently injured and she is NOT without blame in instigating this unfortunate circumstance. The public needs to step off and get a damn life...and allow both these teenagers to do the same! It wouldn't have been my daughter, they were taught not to hit a man because they were not built to whip one and common sense dictates you gotta bring it to get it!


Leave him alone now!!!!!


Yeah yeah.. young kid or not, what if it had been your daughter? Anyway, the judicial system is working.. and everyone else should just stay out of it!


The sad part about this whole situation is only her so call side was told. If something happens to him many people are going to look back on this and said did we take this too far and the answer will be yes. This is a young kid that made a mistake people need to grow up.


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