Sneak Peek: Holly Madison in Peepshow!

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Sin City is getting even hotter than usual, with the addition of former Girl Next Door Holly Madison to the cast of Peepshow at the Planet Hollywood Resort.

On joining Peepshow and her decision to go topless in the burlesque show, in which she is replacing Kelly Monaco, who did not, Holly put it succinctly:

"I'm not shy. I paid enough for them... why not show them?"

Hard to argue with that logic. In such a difficult financial environment, one can understand Holly's desire to secure a return on such a bold investment.

Plus, what's not to like about Holly Madison nude? Or as close to it as you can get if you aren't Hugh Hefner, Criss Angel or five million Playboy readers?

Anyway. Peep the sneak peek of her Peepshow performance below ...


Criss left the beautiful Holly for a child. Why would a man of almost 42 years old want to be with a 20 year old kid. It isn't her looks that is for sure.


Holly is HOT...don't know what some of you guys are saying, but she's gorgeous! Yes I agree that she has no rythym & can't dance. I don't know why Holly would ever date someone like Crith Angel.


she has a nice body but she's just using criss for money and then she leave him just like hugh hefner


Per Norm Clarke site, Holly Madison received a much better response from the audience than Kelly Monaco's premiere. In Vegas, all she needs to do is take her bra off and she's a bonafied hit, open her mouth and she'll bomb


I think now that Holly is living in Vegas SECURITY needs to keep a watch out on her regarding Criss Angel. It seems she is an obsessed fan when it comes to him. What grown adult walks around for months advertising him. She is 30 years old and was dressing like him and only dated the guy for 4 months and asked him to marry her after what 2 weeks. I truly think she is a goupie.


Why is Holly still talking about her and Criss. It is enough already. They have been done for 5 months already thank god. You don't see Veronica Grabowski on here talking about their romance and he was dating her just as long and it was very intense between them and their break up was kept private the way it should be. He dated a beautiful girl name Mary for I think 2 years and she isn't carrying on. He is and has been with Sandra off and on for years and she isn't carrying on or saying the stuff the Holly is. Let it go Holly you obviously were not that important to him and it is making you look like a fool.


Criss and Holly was a big set up for media attention or at least on Criss' part. Criss still cares his love life in a private manor. He has been dating this 20 year old girl for a few years now. Criss wouldn't want everybody to know what his girl vagina and breast look like. That is so personal. Holly loves to show everybody what hers looks like and Criss wouldn't stand for something like that. I am glad he is dating this kid who keeps her vagina and breast for his eyes only and not the world to see.


No talent!


I have been a Loyal since the beginning. I know as a loyal I should stand by Criss and his personal life should not be any of my business. I need a place to vent and would not dare say how I feel on his site. I think Holly Madison is trail trash. In my eyes she is a prositute. She is selling sex for Money. She has been with an old guy having sex with him for years since she was 20. That is gross in my eyes. Until now I was praying that this romance was all PR. The bimbo just came out with an article showing it was all real and that also makes me want to barf. It disappoints me that a man I value so much and think is such a sweetheart would date somebody like her. I did alot of reading up on her and she really is garbage and the things I have read that she has done for Hef and the things in the Mansion is just gross. I still want to be a Loyal but since he dated somebody like her it is hard. Still praying this was PR.


Watching this video was very painful. She is horrible. I don't see her being pretty or sexy at all. I think she looks like trash.


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Holly Madison is a Playboy model and the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. As for Madison, she is best known for getting naked a lot and... More »
Astoria, Oregon
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Holly Cullen

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We are no closer to getting married than we were years ago. It's like a car stalled at the side of the road.

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I have no pull anymore. Hef and I aren't together.

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