Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty: Back Together!

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Home-wrecker extraordinaire Sienna Miller looks like she is officially back in the arms of age-inappropriate, marriage-inapproriate, kids-inappropriate lover Balthazar Getty.

Balthazar, who was last seen kissing Sienna Miller nude while married to his wife and the mother of his four children, was thought to have split with the wrecker of homes.

But the sexy pair who we assumed to be former lovebirds were spotted on a break in the romantic Italian town of Positano, and kissed each other at a restaurant.

They joined a group of family and friends for a meal at a restaurant called Lo Scoglio. But Sienna mustn't have been satisfied by her menu choice, as soon enough, she was spotted trying to devour the former Brothers & Sisters star's ear.

Sienna was also said to have arrived with her mom Jo on Friday, which makes their reported split with Balthazar even more unlikely, if he’s now got her approval.

GETTY UP: Balt and Sienna are so hitting it.

This encounter comes just a few weeks after Sienna spoke about the break-up in Vogue magazine, telling the publication “[A friend] took me out to lunch - funnily enough to a restaurant called Balthazar, which I thought was hilarious."

"But she never commented on the irony of that - and she said, ‘You’ve been through hell, and you need to talk about it with someone,’” Miller added then.

Did the woman who wrecks homes like it's her job just pull one over on Vogue? And the rest of us? How much longer until she gets topless on the beach?

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Wow! Talk about a bunch of people who are so naive and media influenced. You cannot judge someone purely on the relationships they have no matter how messy or supposedly 'inappropriate'. Also, talk about an unprofessional article!


some magazine had mistake about balth's mother. getty family doesn't admit both balth and sienna affair and relation. the woman with them are sienna's mother who were presence last summer at balcony with nudy sienna and balth. see the photo at that time. the photos expanded all over the world in internet, sienna's mother at there. lier lier, homewrecker homewrecker both mother and daughter. on father's day.


Balthazar is a CHEATER LIAR S.O.B.!!


"Aw, kids. That was nice of you to make daddy breakfast for Father's Day, but unfortunately he can't eat it, because he's too busy eating his sIut wh0re mistress' snatch in Italy."


"Did the woman who wrecks homes like it's her job just pull one over on Vogue? " Of course she did! This is not a reconciliation. They never parted and everything she said was a lie. "And the rest of us?" Nope. I knew it was all BS! That said, she is very obviously more into him than he is into her. Is he even looking at her in this picture?