Sarah Palin is Positively Insane, Attention-Starved

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OMG, Sarah Palin is out of her mind.

Look, we're fine with the Alaskan Governor sharing her political views, even if we don't agree with them; and we'd never blame her for defending her family against actual, unfair attacks.

But her current feud with David Letterman, which may have been initially based on a misunderstanding that Letterman calmly cleared up this week, has turned into nothing but a defamatory attack against a long-time, respected talk show host.

We'll even give Palin and husband Todd the benefit of the doubt. We'll believe they were under the original impression that Letterman made a joke about Alex Rodriguez and Eliot Spitzer having sex with their 14-year old daughter, Willow.

But the facts are these:

  • Bristol Palin is 18 years old and recently gave birth;
  • Sarah Palin says anyone that believes Letterman was referring to Bristol, as opposed to Willow, is "naive."
  • Addressing the Palin's criticism on his program, Letterman stated: "These are not jokes made about her 14-year-old daughter. I would never make jokes about raping or having sex of any description with a 14-year-old girl... Am I guilty of poor taste? Yes. Did I suggest that it was okay for her 14-year-old daughter to be having promiscuous sex? No."

What else is there to say? It was a misunderstanding, Letterman admitted that the jokes were questionable and that he was going for a "cheap laugh." But seriously, people, he's a comedian. He makes a living mocking those in the news.

Yet the Palins wouldn't let it die, ratcheting up their critique by actually implying that Letterman was a pedophile and/or rapist. A family spokesperson said:

"It would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman."

On The Today Show this morning, Matt Laurer grilled Palin over the meaning of that statement.

"Are you suggesting David Letterman can't be trusted around a 14 year-old?" Lauer asked.

"Take it the way you want to take it," Palin said, copping out and not even attempting to explain herself.

"But is that [comment] also not in bad taste?" Lauer pressed.

"No, it's not," said Palin.

Really, Governor? It's not at all in bad taste to say that you don't trust Letterman around your daughter? At least Dave freely admitted his jokes may have crossed a line.

With all due respect to Sarah Palin supporters, please answer these questions:

  • Do you believe David Letterman was making jokes about the Governor's 14-year old daughter?
  • If so, why? On what are you basing that?
  • If you believe Letterman was referring to Bristol Palin, does he really deserve to be called out in such a manner?

Bristol is 18, she did get pregnant, he's a late-night comic. Do you think Dave (and Jay Leno, and Conan O'Brien) didn't make jokes about Jamie Lynn Spears?

Moreover, the Palins PUT THEIR DAUGHTER ON THE COVER OF PEOPLE MAGAZINE! Do they really have a right to complain about her as talk show fodder when the family plastered her face all over the leading supermarket tabloid?

Please discuss. We'd love to hear from you.


Thank you Hollywood Gossip (and Gawker) for keeping this all in perspective. The developmentally challenged Queen of Alaska is totally in the wrong here. I mean how many times did she call candidate Obama someone who "palls around with terrorists"? Was that not incendiary and in poor taste? Of course it was. I notice that, after Kate Couric, the only female reporter she'll talk to is one of her handlers -- Greta V. over at Fox. Today it's Matt Lauer and Wolf Blitzer, yesterday Ziegler and Hannity. Why no strong women Sarah? Afraid to get destroyed again with your word salad nonsense?


Missing from your list of 'facts': Willow (14) was in New York and at the game. Bristol was in Alaska. So, in Letterman's joke, he meant that A-Rod left the stadium, flew to Alaska, impregnated Bristol, flew back to New York and returned to the stadium "during the seventh inning". The Palin statement "It would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman." was a response to Letterman's 'joke' "The toughest part of her visit was keeping Eliot Spitzer away from her daughter."
Is Letterman above his own 'humor'?


To BRational - you sound like a NYC wantabe. As far as "national ratings" are concerned, 75% of the people polled are from NYC, where do you think the all the television headquarters are addressed? The west coast people get the higher percentages in ratings as far as "national ratings" on Movies not TV, its all for the obvious reasons. But thats neither here or there, Letterman is still a ass for such a comment no matter who he was talking about. Not to say Palin shouldn't cool it already also.




You're probable a liberal gay which explains your lack of wisdom and empathy. Any parent would be offended regardless the age of their child attacked. He also took a cheap shot at Todd in his weak explaination. As a father I would want to be in a roon alone with Dave and settle this quickly.


I think the governor misinterpreted what David said. Yes, I think it was in poor taste on David's part, but then again, he's a comedian and he's been mocking famous, infamous, and everyone in between for a long time now. I can't believe this brainless woman can't even aceept David's apology. Ms. Palin GO AWAY ALREADY - You make me sick!!!!


To "realist" - The people of NYC are the only ones that like Letterman? He's not a local talk show host. He wouldn't have been on the air for 25 years if he didn't garner ratings across the country. To "Jonathan Paradeau" - It's a simple question: do you think Dave was talking about Willow or Bristol? If it's Bristol, then you must think all comedians are "sick" because do you really think Dave is the only one to make a joke about her getting knocked up? That's your opinion if so, but it's ignorant to somehow ONLY believe Letterman has joked about Bristol.
If it's Willow, as the article states, what are you basing that on? He made a joke about a Palin daughter getting knocked up and only one of her daughters has been pregnant.


Is it really so hard to believe that the joke Letterman was making about a Palin daughter getting ‘knocked up'  was about the Palin daughter who, you know, got knocked up? Hey Palin, if the shoe fits . . .


How about a new reality show combining the Palin family and the Kashkashians,with a super nanny/swap subplot? Maybe Sara with Bruce and Sara and Todd and Kris?


Palin is an attention sucking pig, she does this to herself and her daughter, the older one, is a tramp, NEXT!

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