Ryan Phillippe is Absolutely Nuts

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There is no question that Ryan Phillippe is a crazy person.

Most of us knew Ryan was a little nuts when he cheated on the beautiful Reese Witherspoon, but he really wanted to show us just how crazy he was at his son's t-ball game this Saturday.

Still Crazy Phillippe

In the middle of the baseball game, Phillippe decided we was going to scare the crap out of everyone there; so, out of nowhere, he turned and sprinted into the stands at a man who was taking pictures.

Everyone from parents to kids were confused and scared, as they sat and watched Phillippe unleash his antics.

Then, as if he didn't already look psychotic enough, he turned around and started skipping away. At least you didn't make a fool out of yourself. Oh wait.

Watch this crazy scare some children...

Pre Crazy Ryan Phillippe
Just Like That
Ryan Phillippe is Absolutely Crazy
WTF Ryan Phillippe?
Keep Skipping Ryan

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Ryan is a pothead and a drunk and hits on 18 year old girls.


I find it interesting how the author of this article just states as a fact that Ryan cheated on Reese whereas in reality that has never been confirmed or stated by Reese. It is speculation. Don't report as fact which is still just gossip.


watch the x17video if this were really happening they would have been on it. They were there the whole time it seems like.


Since you're so sure you know the details of the split, let me say that Saint Reese has gotten over this, maybe you should too. And Melanie, just where should his son play a Little League game if not on a Little League field with a Little League team? I know you'd love if Reese would just drop give you a call to take care of the kids but we both know she's not that nuts.


Did anybody think that maybe Reese went on and wrote the story herself? She could have been the 'mystery man in the stand'? Or maybe she made Ryan cheat on her and ruin their family? Who knows what she is capable of...


oh Melanie now that your here any question of Reese's PR being involved is answered. Reese why are you such a bitch to Ryan? You know your people planted that false story on Page Six. Can't you just get past it?


dblem, please go get laid already. Ryan ain't no saint. He gets drunk everytime he is out. If he doesn't want people taking pics of the kids, take his son somewhere else. This was nothing but a photo-op to counter the drunken Ryan/hitting on other women stories coming out of Cannes. Poor clueless Abby, she is nothing but a babysitter, she will learn soon enough.


Waaaa. Somebody call the wambulance. He shouldn't have cheated in Reese. dude's nuts


Judging by the dozens of photos that were taken at the game over the weekend, Ryan was very tolerant. More tolerant than you and I would be. But one person must have pushed the envelope and got warned off. That's it. Non Story.


Those don't match up it looks like he started walking over toward someone who was getting too close, the person started to run and he ran a few steps to get close enough to say something then he turned around and walked back. Any walking pictures can look like your skipping if you catch the right frame. Did Reese's PR pay you money to put this negative story out to counteract all of the stories of Ryan and Abbie looking like a happy family with the kids?? How much did you get because my blog is desperate for cash and I would love to play Lets Make a Deal with one of these PR firms.


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