Rumored Couple Alert: Holly Montag and Sanjaya?!

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This story seems far-fetched, but we must remember, Sanjaya Malakar is a sexy beast. The man exudes hotness. He is the personification of raw lust.

How could Holly Montag possibly resist?

Holly, who starred on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here after her sister Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt infamously bailed, reportedly began a romance with fellow contestant Sanjaya Malakar during her stint in Costa Rica.

What's more, The Hills "star" and the former American Idol "star" are keeping the romance alive after leaving the show! They're going on a vacation!

"Holly and Sanjaya are headed to [the Hawaiian island of] Kauai tomorrow morning so she can meet his parents," an insider tells Life & Style Weekly.

"It's getting serious!"

We can only hope this lasts, if only so Speidi can try to make Holly and Sanjaya's wedding all about them. And so Sanjaya can sing at the reception.

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I think you mean he is very ethnic not ethical. Anyway, what difference does it make if these two are dating? She isn't anywhere near as bad as her fake sister who is always whining about something. I hope they are happy and if they do get married I hope they are smart enough NOT to let Heidi sing at the wedding.


Sanjaya is an American,with an Italian and Indian genetic heritage.He is a very ethical ,well spoken,gifted young man. I think we should leave him alone and let him find his own way and not try to force ideas. Let him decide what he does,and doesn't want from life. Whatever it is,he has the guts to go for it.


i could just sanjaya up....what a tasty little dirty man.....i bet he smells like djarims and hummus...and B.O......mmmm.....all my favs....sanjaya....why dont you get at a dirty persian and "HOLLA!"


isnt that whitney port?