Robert Pattinson to Kristen Stewart: Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me!

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Another week, another tabloid report about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart...

According to the latest issue of OK!, the delicious co-stars bunked together at The Charlie, a West Hollywood hotel, the day after the Near Kiss Shrieked at Around the World at the MTV Movie Awards.

An insider at the hotel described the rumored couple as "sweet and lovely."

But sources tell the magazine that there's tension in the relationship, all based around Stewart's ongoing dealings with Michael Angarano. Pattinson wants his occasional gal pal to drive a stake through her relationship with the lesser-known, uglier actor... or it's all over!

Another Cover Story

"Robert is completely frustrated. If Kristen isn't interested in a serious relationship, she needs to tell him so he can move on," a source said, adding that Robert wants a resolution to this love triangle by the time he and Kristen reunite in Vancouver this fall to film Eclipse.

The anonymous insider says Pattinson has "asked her to choose between him and Michael this summer. Robert's not willing to be strung along."

Who would YOU choose, readers: Pattinson or Angarano? Leave a comment. Let us know.

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Nicole: You said that Rob smoked too. The pic of Kristen smoking the bong on You Tube says Kristen and Rob but it is not him. My husband is from Holland...Europeans smoke more than we do in general and roll their own. If Kristen did not look so wasted and skankey in the business lunch meeting in Italy, I would not have assumed she was rolling a joint. She is a train wreck waiting to happen.


Nicole: I have not seen the interview where his best friend discusses Rob and Kristen. Please link it. Also, I did not mean that Kristen set up the ridiculous way to cozy photo shots of Vanity Fair. I meant that her connections in the biz suggested they do yet ANOTHER set of pics (they had 10 sessions previously) in order to give them a chance to be together again. The Comic Con was in July. The Vanity Fair was mid Sept. The premier was 11/21 Please link your referenced info...curious.


I also think that someone may have spoken to her about that pot smoking thing in Italy. I dont think they are going to let it go so easily. Just give her time....most actresses in Hollywood made bigger mistakes than she is right now and she is doing better than most did. Also, not everyone is fit for college...maybe she will recosider. You see I am a hopeless optimist...I love when 2individuals find each other in the weirdest ways and circumstances and make it work. Too many people want them to fail and they havent even begun as yet. I dont think Rob is easilily influenced either.


Here is a compilation of Robert's funny moments
Where all the stuff I have asserted here in the last few days is quick and easy to hear and see for yourself.
(set of 9 all together) You will laugh out loud --musical, funny, great actor, singer, sexy, nice, humble...ROB IS THE WHOLE PACKAGE! We should be rejoicing that this nice guy with morals seems to be getting the girl, ending up rich, doing what he loves for an occupation, famous and LOVED.
Say a prayer for this shy, quirky, honest, humble, talented and nice guy who went from unknown and unemployed to being as famous as the Beatles in just one year....ONLY IN AMERICA do dreams still come true!


Nicole: here is the shot of Cam positioned oddly between her legs at Vanity Fair Shoot. They also did set with him holding her for 20 minutes around his waist up in the air and backwards hanging from a swing...strange


Will check out RF thanks.


Good points Nicole Here is a video that demonstrates how talented Rob is. He uses different voices for every character he has played...AMAZING!!


Okay...when I heard that she smoked I was disappointed because I really like her personality. But, then, I found out that Rob smoked as well. Which Hollywood actor has not tried "Pot?" Robert is sensible, give him some credit as well. I doubt he will do anything against his will. Yeah, I know the people she is friendly with smokes more than she does. My prayers are with her in that area that is all we can do and hope she will change. I really do believe that Rob is a better influence for her than we think. MOst people keep saying she is bad for him...but did we ever stop to think that he is what she needs? It's possible


Nicole: I know most people don't think pot is terrible. It is that Kristen publicly did it and who she hangs with that is disconcerting. It's not that she smokes pot as much as the unsavory company she keeps. Her own dad looks like a leftover hippie and ROUGH. Her weakness for a crutch may lead to harder things quite possibly and she could drag him into it. Most drug heads started with pot. Pot is more damaging to your lungs, fertility and memory than regular tobacco. It will ruin ones looks too.


Here is a sexy vid of Robert that Rob doing his Rob thing...includes footage from his other movies including the artsy "Little Ashes" that he did before Twilight with another straight actor. It was not graphic and will probably garner him the Oscar next year since he portrayed Dali so well.

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