Robert Pattinson to Kristen Stewart: Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me!

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Another week, another tabloid report about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart...

According to the latest issue of OK!, the delicious co-stars bunked together at The Charlie, a West Hollywood hotel, the day after the Near Kiss Shrieked at Around the World at the MTV Movie Awards.

An insider at the hotel described the rumored couple as "sweet and lovely."

But sources tell the magazine that there's tension in the relationship, all based around Stewart's ongoing dealings with Michael Angarano. Pattinson wants his occasional gal pal to drive a stake through her relationship with the lesser-known, uglier actor... or it's all over!

Another Cover Story

"Robert is completely frustrated. If Kristen isn't interested in a serious relationship, she needs to tell him so he can move on," a source said, adding that Robert wants a resolution to this love triangle by the time he and Kristen reunite in Vancouver this fall to film Eclipse.

The anonymous insider says Pattinson has "asked her to choose between him and Michael this summer. Robert's not willing to be strung along."

Who would YOU choose, readers: Pattinson or Angarano? Leave a comment. Let us know.


Rf Please let me know how did the comic-con goes especially the big surprise. Is it the one with them walking in the meadow and he has on a white coat. He is so adorable. My significant other is going crazy with me because I am so loving this guy. I guess because he is so sweet and open and honest about himself. Hollywood is teaching him how to not be so honest. Wish him so many happiness. Have you seen the model that will be in the eclipse she is model from Vancouver...they are saying on ETnews that the next sexy rival star for KStew.. Rob has eye for one right now. Let us see what happens with that. I know he probable cant wait to see her on Thursday.


Nicole:Have you seen the stuff that they filmed that was wonder the guy has a permanent "eager manhood" your words..tee hee for her. ere is a video that include the deleted scenes (that should have been left in) in!
More proof that he should have a warning sign on him... ch?v=nbtrxLriwlE


I think he is saying that he is not sure if he has a crush on Kristen now because of all the gossip. Maybe what he is feeling now is not simply a crush but more. After 2yrs around her on and off..he would know what his feelings are. He is going to say things to through people off now that he is told to remain cryptic about his feelings. I will have to check out the comic-con on Youtube when it comes out. What do you guys think?

Avatar Comic Con surprise teaser Please take the poll I made about what the big surprise may be that Summit has promised to be revealed at Comic Con...


Pattinson! If she has been going out with him behind Michael's back, so yeah. Plus they make a cute couple and the chemistry in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn will not be the same!


I think Kris just does not like to speak in public as this is one of her biggest movies yet, so I think she is still dealing with the hype and all. I know that Mike knew Cathering and that was one reason Rob never persued her as well...he would be on the set at times. Will the comic-con be aired on Television? If so what channel? We will see in the long run what happens with these two. Is woodland Hills a posh area in CA? There are so many pics of them that I could be passed off as real life couple pics. One when she is laying slightly on top of him...I know it is to depict edward and Bella...but the vanity fair shoots labels some of these pics. There is one there about R Pattinson's secrets during the photo shoot check it out. then search for Twilight vanity fair photo shoot. You will love it. They are so inlove with each other. Best wishes to them.


For your viewing pleasure....Rob Unadulterated Sexy Bliss


i totally think that kristen should choose rob. i think michale is totally not for her. and kristen and rob look absolutely cute together and they obviously have amazing chemistary. if she was smart she would choose rob. but then again she has been with michale for how many years? even befofre she knew rob so that has got to be hard for her, i feel for you kristen really i do. good luck, chooooooooooooooooooooose rob! hehe


Robert Pattinson of course!
You must be mad not to pick him.
I hope she doesn't otherwise aghhhhh
God she needs to get her head screwed on seriously!!!

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