Robert Pattinson to Kristen Stewart: Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me!

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Another week, another tabloid report about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart...

According to the latest issue of OK!, the delicious co-stars bunked together at The Charlie, a West Hollywood hotel, the day after the Near Kiss Shrieked at Around the World at the MTV Movie Awards.

An insider at the hotel described the rumored couple as "sweet and lovely."

But sources tell the magazine that there's tension in the relationship, all based around Stewart's ongoing dealings with Michael Angarano. Pattinson wants his occasional gal pal to drive a stake through her relationship with the lesser-known, uglier actor... or it's all over!

Another Cover Story

"Robert is completely frustrated. If Kristen isn't interested in a serious relationship, she needs to tell him so he can move on," a source said, adding that Robert wants a resolution to this love triangle by the time he and Kristen reunite in Vancouver this fall to film Eclipse.

The anonymous insider says Pattinson has "asked her to choose between him and Michael this summer. Robert's not willing to be strung along."

Who would YOU choose, readers: Pattinson or Angarano? Leave a comment. Let us know.


please, for god sake. just leave them alone and let them get on with their lives. just because you guys thinks rob is hot, they started throwing him together with all the other starlets, even to the extent of Kristen being pregnant. that's complete B.S. So what if they really are going out? so what if they are not? it's just their choice and don't get so obsessed with possible love between them two. Kristen's acting really rocks and Rob's acting really rocks and that's that. what if one fine day, both of them couldn't take their exploding lives anymore and quit out of the entertainment circle? i imagine many twilight fans hopping off the buildings and suicide. Dotz. Can't stand the tabloids whenever their infomartion are too far-fetched or hurtful. they just jeopardize whatever the fans are thinking. Total B.S.


This is Romantic Fool posting under a new name...I have been blocked from here. Rob Pattinson is not just hot, he is a truly nice guy.
Watch this video at the 3:00 point and search his comment at UK Twilight premier about being celibate. I still don't think Kristen is as nice as he is and she acted so twitchy, strange and tough at Comic Con a few days ago.


Pattinson! is that a hard question, he is so hott!


there is no doubt about it. it has to be and only be robert pattinson. that michael is NOT for Krsiten, and i don't know why she thinks she in love with michael. i thins it's a comfort thing, for the both of them. maybe he can't find a girl, just look at him. he's a zero, he has nothing. kristen would probably have to support him if they really lived together. no i say robert is the one for her. God i wish she would open her bloody eyes and see what in front of her ROBERT. he is everything i would want him to be.


i would so choose ROBERT!!!
srry Michael but Kristen and Rob make such a cute couple and isn't it obvious that Robert and Kristen are so inlove, i understand that Kristen is confused i mean she's been datin Michael for more than 3 years and the rob comes along but she has to make up her mind it's either one or the other and i would advise her to choose Robert


I used to live in Jersey and PA. Did you see the vid I posted about his life before Twi and now? I think they are putting them together (if the gossip is true on Eonline because it is cheaper and easier to protect them. After all, it is 2 bedrooms. Idealistic romantic fool that I am.


I checked the site out. You know what Rob and Kris knows what is definitely going on. I think he is alreaduy there in CA...preparing for tomorrow. I live in NYC and knows the crazy stuff these little young girls were causing in Queens NY where I reside. Older women sees him and doesnt react the way teens do. They will eventually find someone else to molest hopefully.


Nicole: The surprise at Comic Con (7/23) has not been announced by e online said that Summit says they have a "big surprise" I made a poll about it on I will tell you anything I find out.
I have been blocked from posting at sites like celebuzz and okmagazine lifeandstyle I THINK. They don't like that I am saying that they are stirring up lies not gossip about Rob.


The one where he is walking in the forest with her in white jacket is a scene they did that got deleted. He trips her and then she sticks her finger in his mouth and asks if he wants a bite.. I wrote a piece at this new site I have been busy at The detractors of Rob are making out like he is gay NOT celibate..The other studios want to destroy him as he is a star and made big bucks for Summit.I hope that by presenting it like HE IS THE ONE THAT COOL not the other way ....that his interviews about celibacy and his Catholic faith ..etc. will make a jaded world become more romantic and decent again. The sexiest star is not "doing" anyone. Ironic. Come over to visit and read all my polls and posts and create your own.

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