Robert Pattinson to Fans: Remember Me!

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Don't worry. Robert Pattinson will still star in New Moon... and Eclipse... and Breaking Dawn.

But the actor needs a break from playing a vampire at some point in there, which is why he's signed on for a new movie called Remember Me.

Twilight Hottie

Those lucky enough to appear opposite Pattinson in the film will include Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, and Emilie de Ravin. That's a solid cast.

In the flick, Pattison takes on the role of a young man whose family is torn apart by his brother's suicide. Numb to the world as a result, he meets a young woman (DeRavin) who helps him make the most out of life.

Sounds dark, inspiring... and like a surefire hit.

Brace yourselves: Robert Pattinson will soon play someone other than Edward Cullen.


Can't wait for februari.. My birthday.. Robert.. Taylor.. =D


I adore the twilght saga. Well done stephanie meyer. Im a huge fan. Looking forward to the new releases. What a great cast. Well done rob and kirsten. Mwah rob x


Robert Pattinson is the "HOTTEST" guy that I have eva seen in my life... I wonder if he reads any of these websites... but if you do please mail me your email id or phone no... to this id.


He already has played other people in other movies..Why does everyone act like this is the Only movie he has ever done!!! He was who he is before Twilight....


check this out then :)


Emilie de Ravin has just filed for a divorce from hubby?
Oh, how! I must say I give Rob much more credit, though...he's a smart guy!




Oh my gosh Robert is amazing! Twilight was fantastic and I can't get it out of my head( or robert ) !! I love his English accent soooo sexy, I want to meet him so bad! Love kirsty x


me too can't wait for New moon to releast.i wish it's Nov now.


omg!! my family & i can't wait to see this movie. a word of advice to my fav actor: too much exposure is bad. pls don't let people take advantage of you, they might exploit u... no drugs pls

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