Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Obsessed with Each Other!

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For Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, a duo whose smoldering Twilight passion has exploded into real life, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It may also kill them, they are so obsessed with each other.

Rob is in New York for the summer, shooting Remember Me. Kristen is in L.A., working on The Runaways, a rock biopic in which she portrays Joan Jett.

According to OK!, that the young, white-hot stars are more than friends is beyond dispute at this point. It's just a matter of where they go from here.

“It’s no secret that their relationship has been heating up these past few months,” says a source close to the pair, who recently completed New Moon and who have sparked rumors that they might be dating for over a month now.

Sad Kristen Stewart

“[Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart] are very attracted to each other, and there is definitely something very special going on between them.”

Something very special and complicated.

Kristen is apparently still involved with her longtime boyfriend, Michael Angarano, while Rob wants her to choose, one way or the other, by October.

That's when he and Kristen start the third Twilight film, Eclipse.

But while Robert Pattinson has given his love interest a few months to decide between suitors, sources say he’s making his interest in her known.

The actor is constantly texting and calling Kristen Stewart to "check in," according to a source, and inviting her own to New York for a weekend.

Will she visit? Should she visit? Will Robert and Kristen be together? Will Michael Angarano be a thorn in Rob's side? Stay tuned.

Another Cover Story

Robert Pattinson is obsessed with Kristen Stewart, according to celebrity gossip insiders, and wants his Twilight co-star to choose. Him, preferably.


Now face it. Twilightmania is a good way to advertise 4 the New Moon movie. All this stories about the 2 actors are published only 4 the publicity.Very well done. Good movie marketing. Summit u should do this: try to build a social network for the 2 of them, for the movie. This way u will bring more awardness,transparency......stuff that i think u already know.


Ya, we have to belive all this nonsense. What do i care 4 the relations between them is their problems, not the world problem, so .........leave it.


I love rob too if Kristen does not get wit him she is F***'in stupid!! GET WITH HIM KRIS

Why bother

she's the only girl i would like him 2 go out with. any other one i would hate!


i love rpattz and kstew, who doesnt? this is like taylor to selena, hotties making out and hooking up. and robsten did hook up. look up robsten pics, and there will be a picture of them in bed..........WITH ROBERTS SHIRT OF!GO SUCK BALLS NIKKI REED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope she is going with Rob. Not only is he good looking. But him and her seemed very happy in pictures together. When she is with Michael she always looks mad at the world


Its true . I think the crazy rob fans refuse to believe it. I love rob to but come on . Micheal has been out of picture for a few months. I say lets be happy for them. I like them together and hope it works out. Its same magazine that said brad was leaving jen. That nick and jessica were over. Guess there not always wrong huh.


You can say she's still together with Michael, but not involved, they haven't been spotted together in a while. and for the people complaining about all of this, don't you have to research stuff like this and take the time to read and comment on it? just saying..


Honestly I don´t give a shit what they do but I´d say eat your heart out both of you. Who can compete with Bill and Sookie (True blood)(Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin)? Well I can´t find any. The True blood is a greater book than Twilight will ever be. So, get lost:


cant beleive he was hit by a wake up to yourselves! we all LOVE him but consider how he feels having no where to hide or even run!

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