Robert Pattinson: I'm Not Good Looking

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If confidence is sexy, then Robert Pattinson may be the ugliest person on the planet.

In a new interview with The Improper, the Twilight star is asked to judge his own looks. His answer would likely shock fans around the globe.

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"I never really considered myself attractive," the actor said. "I was always kind of gangly in school."

Seriously, folks. Robert Pattinson does not consider himself to be attractive. What's next? Will Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag say they don't want publicity?

In the Twilight book, Edward Cullen is described as an "unspeakably beautiful Adonis" by his eventual lover, Bella Swan.

Sounds perfect for Pattinson, right? Not so much.

"That’s the reason I didn’t want to go in for the part initially, because it’s really putting yourself out there," the New Moon star said. "Going in for the audition, I felt like a bit of an idiot. I felt prejudged by anyone who turned up to the casting. I just thought even having the gall to go in means you’re a bit of an arrogant prick."

As for his sex appeal, Pattinson somehow doesn't see it.

"Good-looking? Noooo. Before I go out to face a crowd, I stare and stare at myself in the mirror until I have to tell myself to stop staring, since there’s nothing I can do.”

We think we speak for every woman in the world when we say: there's no need to do anything, Robert. No need at all.


Speak for every woman in the world? Seriously?
He's fucking ugly. Period.
You don't have the right to "speak for every woman in the world," being as how all the women I know think he's horribly unattractive. He can't act to save his life, and he's not a nice guy. He can't even appreciate his fans. Screw him.


Robert is veryy
ATTRACTIVE!!! yah Need tooh Stop
Judging him. Hee Is SO Hot. Robert U are WRONG
DON'T Matter to me
Ur Still EFF'N HOT!


If I had written a book about the perfect-looking man and they had suggested Robert Pattinson to play him, I would have laughed in their face. But Chace Crawford, I would have kissed their feet. Stephenie Meyer obviously has bad taste in men to have allowed this.


He is just beautiful!


I think he is very attractive in a non conventional way. I am tired of seeing these men in Hollywood that look the same. He stands out not just because of his looks, but also his persona. Rob is just a sweet, gentle, and nonegotistical man that deserves his chance in show business. Anyone out there who wants to be nasty about his looks or his acting can just back off. He is not going away so deal with it people. Rob, all of your fans think you are very sexy and you keep up the good work. Don't listen to what any of these haters has to say because they are only trying to tear you down. You are a man among boys.


He's attractive for all sorts of reasons, not just his looks, which are attractive in the sense of he's not 'too pretty' and approachable. He carries himself well, is not full of attitude at this point and hopefully is wise enough to retain that. His acting will only improve and grow as he makes good script choices and he has a presence about him that experience will only enhance.
It's almost refreshing for someone like him to be getting this attention when Hollywood is full of so many incredibly hot people.


To each their own. Mr. Pattinson is gorgeous to millions and not just because he is playing "the sexyist vampire in the world" to quote Mr. Pattinson. He is the average guy that has talent and is doing something that he seems to enjoy. He has a beautiful smile and eyes that just set everything else off. Mr. Pattinson, keep up the great work and hope to enjoy many years of your work.


He is not attractive at all. Its understandable that small teenage girls are hysterical about him because of his role in the twilight movies- they'd be just as hysterical irrespective of which guy had been put in the role.
But then grown-up adults like those that write gossip columns- they're the ones i don't get. Why do they keep saying he's hot? There are so many other young guys in hollywood that are way more handsome and charming.


I don't see him that hot at all. Unregular face, ugly nose, pretty boring overall expression, body so-so (when it's not retouched).
He's not ugly, he's just so very average and all the media fuss about this guy is ridicolous. Plus as an actor he's just mediocre.
The promotional machine for Twilight is doing a good job if now guys like this one are considered hot by teens.
I mean... Taylor Lautner is cute, and also other vampires in that (horrible) Twilight flick are.
Robert Pattinson is just the average Joe. Really.


the reason he thinks he's unattractive is because he is. Seriously people The man's disgusting. Gross eyebrows, smile, hair, neanderthal forehead. An insult to an already sh**ty character.


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