Robert Pattinson Hit by Car, Unhurt; 'Tweens Exhale

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Upon fleeing a horde of teenage fans, Robert Pattinson was clipped by a taxi cab today in Manhattan, but was merely grazed and emerged unscathed.

The British Twilight hunk had a brush with death running away from a throng of fans front of the Strand bookstore on Broadway and 12th Street.

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He had been inside filming scenes for his new movie, Remember Me.

Exiting the building, Robert Pattinson tried to duck a crowd of screaming teenage girls waiting for him on the rainy sidewalk and made a break for it, running across the wet street for his trailer. That's when a taxi grazed his hip, sources say.

Pattinson reportedly stood still for a moment, appearing stunned, as a bodyguard yelled at the girls: "You see what you did, you almost killed him!"

Yeah, way to show your appreciation, ladies.

Other witnesses downplayed the incident involving Robert Pattinson.

"The reports are exaggerated," said Vivian Mayer, a spokeswoman for the film's production company. "It was not caused by his fans. Production continues."

Pattinson has been mobbed all over the city, and also the subject of more rumors than we can even keep straight. Earlier today, he was reported to be dating Camilla Belle, a rumored love interest who he has been seen with in NYC.

Others say he is obsessed with Kristen Stewart, his Twilight co-star.


I dislike this movie as well, but I would never wish someone to die. You're terrible!!


well it is a good thing he is not dead cause i am related to him and he is very nice


Stupid fans... Emmy will not be pleased. ps. vampires suck


um this is for my previous comments........ dont send me no dam emails


oh dam...... this is frightening..
cuz see i dont know why dey even be chasing him in da road in the first place obviously dey see him stepping off da side walk and dey know a dam well dat cars were coming so why da hell dey kept chasing himm...... dummbbassssessssssssss and its entirely dey fault fuh dat dam caveman behavior


Damn, too bad he didn't died. It would be so fun. Burn twillight fans, burn!




shame on you.


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