Rihanna and Drake: Spotted Again!

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On the day it was announced that Rihanna got served and will have to testify against ex-boyfriend Chris Brown at a June 22 hearing, the singer hit the town with friends.

Rumored new fling Aubrey Graham among them.

Brihanna Photo

Rihanna and the Canadian rapper to whom she's recently been linked were first spotted smooching on May 18 at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in Manhattan.

Then, last night, the hot pair was sighted again!

Rihanna and Graham (who goes by the single name of Drake) laughed and chatted at a bash for the Black Eyed Peas at the NYC nightspot The Griffin.

Here's a picture of the two of them together ...

Rihanna – looking stunning in a light grey sweater dress and large hoop earrings – arrived at The Griffin shortly after 11:30 p.m. and stayed nearly two hours.

Her alleged beau left a bit earlier – only to wait outside the club's front doors. Both Rihanna and Drake drove off at the same time, in separate vehicles.

While in the club, a happy-looking Rihanna, 21, "appeared to be enjoying herself," holding court in a banquette to the left of the stage, according to sources.

What do you think? Do Rihanna and Drake make a cute couple?


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Rhianna is beautiful. Chris had no bizness layin ah hand on her. Now all you haters better go hate on sumbody else. Rhianna rich and mixed. I like her. Now haters. U just maken her richer. So i advize u bitches to move on. Gone get it Rhianna.! And yes shes with Drake. He dont yall hoes lol. GROW UP AND GET YA ON UNBRELlA


To: Bajan Beauty- "She a WestIndian DIVA" She a West Indian Hoe, Nobodys trying to claim her. I know plenty Bajans dont even like claiming her because she was a jagabat, and slept around alot before she blew up. She make nice music but you would not want her to be with any male members of your family at all. Unless you want some good bajan pum pum. What a whore.


NOOO!!!! i am like so in love wit drake he is so fine that can not be possible.


seriously this gurl be tripping what is wrong with her..she is supposed to be in therapy and not tryna 2 hook up wit another person!!
DRAKE IS HOT I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND Y HIS STANDARDS ARE SO LOW..i know he is tryna 2 help her come back to a better place but seriously rihanna is gonna destroy his career..this gurl has lost it..
her music sucks now days..serously!!


Stop hating on Rihanna. Yall just madd cuz she's doing her thing. She a WestIndian DIVA; if you don't know how we west indians do it then u need to get with the program. Further more no man has the right to put his hands on anywomen. In Barabdos we call that a BITCH! and that is exsactly what Chris is; a little boy that needs to grow the hell up. And Faith Martin: You really need to get a life and find a job. How do you know all this information? where you there when it all happend. Leave the gyal alone. She's human just like the rest of us. and her dating life is really non of our business. The only thing Rhianna owes to us is good music.
which you all will continue to buy. Signed a Divoted Fan


Ummmm. Is that Jimmy from Degrassi: Next Generation? OMiGosh! He is so effin fine! I can't believe it. How did Rihanna pull him? He's uhmazing! AND a great rapper. I love his song with Lil Wayne. He's da f*ckin best! ;). ILoveYou Drake!


Ummm I think Drake is so cute and I really think that he needs to come to Omaha, Ne AGAIN and AGain to entertain me:)


they are sooooooooooooooooooo cute togeather


OMG I am soooooo not happy about this I feel really bad that she got beat up but gosh in my opnion Drake is beyond HAWT!!!!!!! and can do so much better than her.