Report: Lil Wayne Knocks Up Nivea Hamilton... and Lauren London

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Lil Wayne should take his own advice. The rapper really needs to "stop ramming them hos and make love to that p-ssy."

Having already impregnated a pair of women, reports now indicate that Lil Wayne has knocked up two more!

MTV UK sources say the artist is expecting children with both singer Nivea Hamilton and actress Lauren London. Amazing.

Lauren London

Various bloggers even claim that Wayne will marry Nivea (who has three kids with ex-husband The Dream) some time in the next few months.

One must wonder if Lil Wayne's penis is allergic to latex. The guy will soon have more children (four) than mug shots (three). That's an impressive feat for someone that simply loves to carry around drugs.


I think that lil wayne is just having fun and the women need to be smarter


i wud so get prego by lilwayne cause he is fuckin sexy..........


Well Wayne said he wish he could have every girl in the world.... (at least he picked some pretty ones)


PLEASE!! Wayne is lucky to have had Nivea, Lauren & Trina, cuz he is NOT cute at all!! If you ask me, they could've done better. I believe Nivea really does love him (for some reason). Lauren should've just known better because he's ALWAYS talked about how much he really loves Nivea, even when he was with Trina. He & Nivea were engaged way before she married The Dream, so she was always in the picture. but like I said, the 3 ladies can do soooo much better, c'mon ya'll!!! (smh)


I dnt think lil wayne is stupid enough to marry nivea u sud really stick to lauren london


Omg, is true!!! They are both pregnant I saw lauren with a baby bump in a pic, she was in one of diddys party.


you can go on klohe kardashian's blog page and she has pictures of lauren london with her preggo belly.


When Nivea came out with her first record, I looked at this girl and though she was a sweet and smart girl. That was back in 2002 when I was 14. Almost seven years later, I still hold true that Nivea would not be stupid enough to have a baby out of wedlock. I went to her so called twitter site where it says she is pregnant and then her info says she is pregnant, I knew for a fact that someone is starting rumors. Like the previous person said, I will believe once I see that baby belly, but until then people need to stop these rumors about Nivea and Lil Wayne. This has been going on since she came out with her first album. This needs to stop!!!!


Well i dont think either of the two girls that claim to be pregnant are. because he is supposed to be with Trina and they are getting back together i heard


omg i mean come on who wouldn't have a baby by lil wayne i mean he is so sexy...i know me would.....


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