Ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8 Continue to Drop

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Way to go, America!

We still need to get you to stop paying attention to Speidi and to realize that Chris Brown is a woman-beating thug, but you're coming along.

Kate and Steve Neild

The ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8 have fallen for each episode since its fifth season premiere.

This week, approximately 4.3 million viewers tuned into Monday's 100th episode, which featured celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, along with a series of insults directed at Jon.

While the figures are still solid for a reality show on cable, the number of viewers have dropped by more than half since the show's Memorial Day debut. Might people actually be growing sick of watching feuding parents ignore their children and whine about the attention they're receiving?

Incredibly, it's starting to appear that way.

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So, people are growing brains? How very interesting. Spedi is .. entertaining. Spencer is an idiot, but without him the Hills would've sucked more than it already did! However, I don't understand what is so interesting about Chris Brown and his women beating intincts. It's digusting, if you ask me.


Don't the networks realize it is the summer... people are on vacation and not glued to the TV. Everyone I know watches less television at night during the summer.


Kate, please stop this show , it is not about you providing for the children. You have made a lot of money. something has to be wrong with you because you do not let other family member fro either side into your life. What is your relationship with your parents and Jon parents. Please get some help before Jon completely gets the children. He is the nice and fittest parent. You have unresolved problem that needs to be taken care of. Get professional help now, and you are leaning to much on your body guard and not your husband.