Ratings Plummet for Jon & Kate Plus 8

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Might America finally be coming to its senses?

Granted, far too many people still somehow fear that terrorist suspects currently held at Guantanamo Bay would escape from maximum security prisons if held there inside the country.

But at least far fewer people watched this week's installments of Jon & Kate Plus 8. That's a start!

Fueled by ongoing gossip stories about the marriage between Jon and Kate Gosselin, the May 25 premiere of the show attracted a mind-numbing 9.8 millions viewers, earning higher ratings than the season finale of Lost on ABC.

However, the two newest episodes of the series, which aired on Monday, scored only 5.5 million and 6 million viewers, respectively.

That's still far more than we'd like to see, but we can't expect everyone to tune out at once. We can only hope that the prospect of having sex with Kate Gosselin helps turn more people off for next week.


The show should be off of the air for the good of the children.


Both Kate and Jon share some responsibility in what's going on. In my opinion kate has become use to the life style and attention and doesn't seem like she's willing to give it up to work things out with her family and marriage. So what, you won't live in a million dollar house or get to go on vacation when you want. As long as you have each other, that's what counts! Leave the televison series alone and get counseling. I truly wish them the best.


i think this is a great show. it shows how hard jon and kate work not only on their marriage but with their 8 kids of course their struggling who doesn't have problems. i feel bad because everyone in the nation talks about theirs like they know them first hand. We need to let the family work things out between them and leave our opinions out of it because they really don't matter, we as the public don't know the whole story. Those kids seem to be just as happy as any other kid they do things they would normally do theres just cameras around what would be the difference if kate followed them with a camera and posted it on youtube. at least their getting money that can be used for college. i think she has a right to whine everyone wants some sympathy sometimes i couldn't even handle one kid let alone 8.


I hope the show is over. Those kids have suffered enough. Jon, go back to work; Kate, go be a nurse (poor patients!). This is becoming disgusting. All she does is whine now and try to obtain sympathy. Yuck!

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