Random Loons Launch Campaign to Fire David Letterman

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Talk show host David Letterman has been hit with criticism over jokes he made last week about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her daughter(s).

While Letterman has admitted that his comments were in poor taste, but were just jokes nonetheless, the former V.P. candidate has not backed off.

Neither have some of her supporters. A grass-roots campaign organized to get the late-night stalwart canned, FireDavidLetterman.com, is holding a rally outside Letterman's show at the Ed Sullivan theater tomorrow at 4:30 p.m.

Sponsored by Republican N.Y. State Assemblyman Brian Kolb, along with an attorney and radio host John Ziegler, the site also provides CBS contacts to whom people can complain about what many felt was a tasteless, potentially harmful quip.

"Firing Mr. Letterman would send a clear message that CBS will not tolerate any of its employees even an established media figure like Mr. Letterman making demeaning, degrading comments about women," Kolb wrote to CBS chief Les Moonves.

An accompanying Facebook group has about 1,800 members.

The campaign's supporters point to Don Imus and Howard Stern as examples of popular hosts who crossed the line - and were held accountable by employers.

According to TV Guide, Embassy Suites has pulled advertising on CBS because of complaints. The company was not an advertiser on The Late Show specifically.

Letterman made the offending joke on Tuesday's show, following a visit to New York by Sarah Palin during which she attended a Yankee game with Rudy Giuliani.

"One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game," Letterman said, "during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez."

In addressing the controversy, Letterman says the outcry was due at least in part to a misunderstanding, as he intended the joke to be about Bristol Palin, 18.

Bristol Palin was very much knocked up by beau Levi Johnston last year, while in minor in fact. However, the Palin daughter at the ball game was Willow, 14.

The loudest response came from Sarah Palin herself.

She told Matt Lauer she didn't buy Dave's "convenient excuse," and said she would never let her daughter near him - implying he can't be trusted around girls.

Letterman clarified that he "would never made jokes about someone having sex with a 14-year-old girl," which Palin, who some believe is resorting to shameless attention-grabbing words and implications, and continues to accuse him of.

Whose side are you on?


Please try to make sense when you post.


Exploitation and prostitution of minors is regular procedure for ‘Sarah ‘give me free’ Palin. Anything to dominate a news cycle and for political gain. Even promoting her poorly supervised, under educated, non self supporting, underage drinking, gang sign making, unmarried, sexually active teenage mother, daughter with a former live in boyfriend, as the ambassador for abstinence. If anything, people should be boycotting and firing Candies for the Bristol Palin abstinence lie. Sarah Palin is a lousy mother and a worse human being! PS: Who paid for Sarah ‘give me free’ and her dysfunctional clans’ last trip? Did clothes and make up included too?


The loudest response came from Sarah herself? Are you as stupid as you sound? You can't be that stupid, right? You write in English very well. But that is the worst thing you can say about a mother defending her daughter? Of course, you MORON, the loudest response should come from the mother and father of the attacked. Oh now I get it, you are afraid of Sarah, you are afraid of Sarah, you are afraid of Sarah, you are afraid of Sarah, you are afraid of Sarah, you are afraid of Sarah. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA


Letterman's a cock.


You don't make sexual jokes about politician's or CELEBRITY'S CHILDREN!!!!!
TRY ATTACKING MADONNA'S KIDS OR ANY STAR'S KIDS - wouldn't even consider it would he??????


A grand total of 15 protesters showed up today. Random loons is right. I think this is finally played out.


David Letterman is the host of a late show where people are often made fun of. I don't see what's the big deal it was a joke. Sarah Palin is in the media because she wants to be. You have to take the good with the bad. She needs to toughen up. If her kids were off limits then she should not parade them around. Her under aged child did get pregnant, was unwed. So what if its not the same kid he made fun of.
Sarah Palin should talk to her kids about birth control, not having sex, and maybe reflect on her life choices. You are in the public eye and people judge you and your family. I wounder if she has ever looked at the news stands. Get a clue and some moral standards before you cast any stones!Sarah Palin is a joke. I feel that this is a ploy to stay in the media.
Letterman was just doing his job by pushing the envelope. I'm glad he is on air I love his top ten list.


We just just laugh at the USA with this type of news! Don't politicians have anything better to do over that side?????


I've never been a fan of Letterman's but i have to agree with him, the Palin camp is taking this thing way too far, they are going as far to say that he joked about raping children... that's just a horrible stretch and a grab for attention. on another note has anyone checked out the O'Reilly vs. Joan walsh abortion debate? check it at www.yovia.com/blogs/timlara for the left
or www.yovia.com/blogs/vargoza if you lean a little to the right.


Imus was fired even after he gave a very sincere apology, which was accepted by the women's basketball team. This isn't about Palin. It's about society saying we're tired of this kind of talk being rationalized as "jokes". Letterman should still be fired.

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