Black Eyed Peas Manager Charged in Perez Hilton Assault; Blogger and Accuse Each Other of Lying

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Polo Molina, the general manager of the Black Eyed Peas, has turned himself in to Toronto police in conjunction with the fight that left Perez Hilton assaulted.

The Peas were not going to be allowed to leave the country unless the cops got their man, which would have created major problems for their current tour.

Perez Hilton claims Molina assaulted him last night, after the MuchMusic Awards. Molina has been charged with assault, following the blogger's accusations.

In a super-emotional video on his website, Perez is blasting as a "coward and a disgusting human being for lying" about the attack this morning.

Perez says the ruckus started after a confrontation with Fergie at an after-party. Perez claims Fergie asked why he trashed her on his notorious website.

Polo Molina, left, allegedly beat up Perez Hilton.

Hilton then says that later in the night, saw him and came at him "like a heat seeking missile," and demanded he stop writing about Fergie and his band.

The celebrity gossip blogger claims and his manager, Polo Molina, followed him outside the club, where Polo punched him in the head "2 or 3 times."

Hilton claims when he got hit, he thought to himself, "I think my eye might be falling out of my head." Perez added this parting shot, in reference to his adversary's story, "God knows it was not a random fan that hit me ... you are a f**king liar." released a video response earlier, claiming he didn't beat Perez.

Follow the jump for a clip of Perez's latest rant. It's quite graphic ...


YEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!next time put a fuckin bullet in the ugly pig.


Perez -YOU are a disgusting excuse for a human being! Don't you think this might be karma coming around back at you for what you've done to others? Everyone else does. You deserve everything horrible that you get; you have no problem insulting and hurting other people but when it happens to you..wha, wha, wha, you cry like a big baby! Your pathetic! ...and, you've got some audacity to say things like "God is watching you" HE's watching YOU TOO you idiot!! You deserve to be beaten, not just hit in the eye.


No matter what someone says about another person violence is NEVER the answer! I don't care what someone says, they don't deserve to be attacked like that! Is that what you want 2 teach your kids?! "Someone said something bad about me so I'm gonna beat his head in!" Are you people kidding me?! You're some sick individuals! And him being gay is not a reason 4 him deserving it either! You people are WRONG!


people who are verbally attacking this innocent human being, should A. Get a life. B. Stop judging people C.Come to terms with the fact that you have issues full of hatred too deep to even realize and D.In the end, will it really matter what sexual orientation or job you had? Do everyone a favor and look at the world from a larger perspective instead of the one from your ass.


What goes around, comes around... And it looks like Perez found that out first hand. You can not attempt to get your way in this world through bully tactics and hateful tirades and not expect repercussions from your actions.


Perez is a piece of shit. If he thinks he can talk to people that way...and not pay for it in some way...well he has some bumps and bruises that say other wise. I couldn't be happier that he got the "boom boom Pow!" hahah.


Oh yes - that is the other thing I forgot to add. Karma. I think Perez Hilton himself had this coming to him. Not because of his sexual orientation but because of his mean ways. You get what you give and his site is truly hateful. I do not defend him or his site and I also don't defend hitting another person. But there is only so much a human can take and Perez should know that by now. This isn't his first assault.


Perez is a disgusting hateful person, inside and out. Everyone boycott his website.


Aww, Holly. Are you really that stupid? What WTF was implying is that God teaches us to love everyone because HE loves everyone. Are you implying that God is vindictive and therefore all gay people "have it coming their way?" You must mean that because you feel that being gay is a sin. **IF** that is the case then you have it coming your way because you are also without sin.


Perez Hilton is a demeaning,vicious,hideous person. While I do not condone violence, when you make a living personally attacking people, you are bound to reap what you sow. He's a whiny,unsympathetic creature who should just crawl under a rock.

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