Peter Andre Buys Dream Home, Katie Price Kicked to Curb

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Farewell, giant boobs. For Peter Andre, there's no going back.

Following his split from Katie Price, the model known as Jordan, the singer has bought  £1.8 million, seven-bedroom home in Hove, near Brighton, England, a short drive from the former Price-Andre family home near Woldingham, Surrey.

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Peter Andre, 36, admitted he had found the "perfect house" and was waiting until builders made it more child-friendly before officially moving in.

After their shocking split on May 11, Katie Price ordered Peter's personal items removed from the family home while he was staying with family in Cyprus.

In his New magazine column, Peter Andre said there are good reasons behind his decision to leave the gigantic-breasted model, and it wasn't "on a whim."

He wrote in his column: "There are good reasons that made me walk out but as I’ve said to before, I don’t want to discuss the reasons as they are private."

Good reasons = no sex since 2007? Unclear.

"It’s really important to me, though, that people know I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to leave on a whim," he added. "My two children have always been the most important thing in my life and they always will be.'

Andre also lashed out at reports he had posed for photos with son Junior, three, and daughter Princess Tiaamii, 23 months, in Hove last week for publicity.

After the photos of Peter and the children emerged online, Katie Price wrote on her Twitter micro-blogging page: 'Mmmmm, I smell set up pictures.'

However, Peter said: "The thought of profiting in any way from this terrible situation is totally beyond anything I would consider doing. Unfortunately, I am being followed by paparazzi constantly, and I’d have to stay in the house to avoid this."

Katie Price was rumored to have offered to reconcile with Andre after their split, only to be brushed aside after what some call years of bullying him around.

We can't wait to see what comes next from these train wrecks.


never show love to a bitch like her i'ma tell ya. she cant even sing i alwayes laugh when i see her singing on youtube. these type gurls am they need a bitch slap lol


The only person Katie/Jordan loves is herself!!!


i love katie and peter im gutted that they are splitting up i really belive they were ment 2b 2geva n wonder if its all the 3rd partys and stress they have in there lives which has pushed them apart hope you both find happyness again xxx


I can honestly say that from the beginning I said 'dont do it pete, not with her! she will always be a trollope !' and she has proved to be a real nasty bitch in front of everyone that has watched them! she gloats every time she bullies him! horrible person, and for all to see
I have always said that peter andre is one of the most charming and lovable men around, what a shame he got hooked onto a witch ! everybody saw it coming the bitch and the good guy, she deserves all she gets, get back to the gutter where you came from


This is for Stacey: Peter Andre should NEVER take Katie back, I watch their documentary every week, all I can say to Pete is "it's been a long time coming". Good on you Pete, you deserve 100 times better than that self-centred, bad mouthed bitch. Times will be hard at the moment, it will get easier, your family are their supporting you. THE NATION IS BEHIND YOU. Vanessa, from London.


i wish peter would take katie back!!! they are so in love and the children dont deserve it!! all women can be bitches its our nature!!!! maybe counscling!!!! ur fans jus love seein u guys together it dont work u guys apart!!! love ur biggest fan stacy......

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