Perez Hilton Whines, Issues New Statement on Assault

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Perez Hilton is sad.

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    Common scenario:

    geeky, overweight, glue-eating, nose-picking kid gets picked on in the playground, and vows to become evil avenger who will take out his hate on everyone. Grows up to be evil blogger who is famous for hateful comments in a hateful world. Contributes nothing to world aside from whiny hateful comments. Is shocked when world does not therefore embrace and love him.

    Violence may not be the answer, but this guy really has had it coming for a while. The U.S. tends to go overly P.C. in some of these issues, and a good punch in the face is still the best recipe for an asshh@le like Perez.

    The best would be if people just stopped paying attention to people like *Perez* entirely and focused on REAL victims in the world, of which there are many, and not some assface who incites anger by actively and aggressively trying to get them to punch him.

    *Perez* is not a real victim in this sense. Just in his mind.


    what a joke


    I'd punch him.


    Hope you use the money to do something good to offset all the hate you put in the world. You are an awful person Perez Hilton.


    Ouch. I guess the rest of us who have real jobs, aka ad agencies, offices, doctors, teachers, etc. are nothing compared to someone who earns his living writing trash about people and drawing little drool marks on their faces in Microsoft Paint.


    I'd punch him.


    Hopefully he can use the money for some plastic surgery...the guy really is quite unattractive, and not just his personality.


    To all the mean people out there that don't understand that a bad comment and a punch in the face are two different things. For all the bad comments you all have stated, I'd like each of you to get your face smacked and then you would understand how I felt. Luckily for me I have a career that pays me well so I will recover in style, yet each of you are just mean and then have to return to your dirty horrible existence. After this lawsuit, you'll see who ends up the winner - Perez!!


    perez is a bully in every sense of the word... we dont allow it in society especially with kids yet in the entertainment business its all good. the bully is always the first to bitch/cry/whine and try and get as much attention as they can, point and case perez hilton... deal with it!! bully got the beat down. team


    Perez sucks. He is the guy that everyone loves to hate, but after a while that just turns old, like him.

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