Perez Hilton Files Lawsuit Against Polo Molina

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Perez Hilton does not believe in violence, but he is hitting back - legally - at the man who allegedly punched him in the face early Sunday morning.

Hilton filed a lawsuit against Polo Molina, the manager for the Black Eyed Peas who was arrested for assaulting Perez after the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto.

He says he's a victim of intentional infliction of emotional distress. A photo surfacing Tuesday shows Hilton getting punched - it is not clear by whom.

A video of the altercation contains some of the vile language that was exchanged prior to the attack, but also does not show the attack clearly.

Hilton's suit claims Molina attacked him because he wouldn't stop writing about the Peas on his website. Molina turned himself in Toronto cops on Monday.

Molina was charged with assault. Perez is suing for an excess of $25,000.

The celebrity gossip blogger's attorney released this statement:

"Perez Hilton was assaulted by the Band's road manager because he would not agree to stop writing about the Black Eyed Peas on"

"Perez Hilton files this lawsuit to protect his freedom of speech against those who physically assaulted him because they do not like his review of their album."

"Whether you love Perez or hate him, he is entitled to his freedom of speech without fear of violence. This lawsuit makes a statement that violence is never the answer."

Polo Molina is being sued by Perez Hilton for his alleged attack on the blogger. The Black Eyed Peas manager is said to have assaulted Hilton during an argument.


Anyone who says violence isn't the answer has never met the parasite that is Perez Hilton; there has never been a punch in the face more well deserved. I tell you what Perez if you want to make a quick $25K( trust me the one you are sueing for you will not get, judging from the superficiality of your *injuries* and your verbal diarrhea which prompted the *assault*)you could have a punch-me-in-the-face sale, anyone can clock your lights out for $10, you could make that $25K in less than a hour....if you need someone to organize it, just let me know.


prez u wer hit from behind an that no fare. that bad man who hit u wasnt even involvd but he hit u to b meen. fite was betwen u and sue that bad man cause words r words but violins is somethin else and since he on probaton he wil now go to jail. hop he lerns his leson.


Hilton is a parasite. A bully- He's not even worth wasting words on. To think Molina even touched the fungus is disgusting, creepy, nauseating. Molina wash your hands (your entire body) with the strongest disenfectant you can get!!


Hilton is a fungus. Molina should have put his face in the pile of dog crap on the side of the road. To think Molina even touched him(Hilton) is revolting, nauseating...AWFUL..
He's a parasite and a bully.


I agree with all the comments here, perez derided Miss California for not being pro-gay but then uses terms like 'faggot' in a derogatory manner. I really don't think this is how a representative of the gay community should act, using homosexual slurs to insult somebody. It is entirely hypocritical and quite sad to see.


LOL, suing him...I mean really!?!? Emotional distress as the charge? Imagine how many cases he would have against him if every celebrity that he bitch-fits out on slapped him with a lawsuit Hey, can you say blatant defamation of character...?


KARMA is a mutha*#$@%&!! The little nasty mess you started with Miss California, eventually getting her fired-has come back to "PUNCH" you in the damn eye!!!


As a gay man I am ashamed to be in the same category as Perez Hilton. He says mean and hurtful things constantly, then when some fights back, he crys. I glad the he got clocked, I just wished it would have been worse. I'm sure Fergie could take him. He has no right calling anyone a F****** Faggot, Perez Hilton puts the F in FAGGOT. He is the kind of gay man thats give the rest of the gay population a bad name. Perez get your life, and leave everyone elses alone. I wish he would just go away.
Scott C.


Perez Hilton called Will.I.Am "A fucking faggot!". He then went on to Twitter the internet to call 911 for him (no doubt tying up the phone lines in the process) and wrongfully accusing Will.I.Am of assaulting him - which was a blatant lie. The man deserved everything he got, it was long overdue.


To all the haters out there - BITE ME! Bite my big fat puckery a**!!!!!!!


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