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An encounter with the Black Eyed Peas early this morning in Canada left Perez Hilton assaulted and calling for help via Twitter, according to the blogger.

Instead of calling Toronto police, Perez Hilton appears to have used his TMobile Sidekick to go on Twitter and get his followers to call the cops for him.

He posted this Tweet for help a few hours ago: “I’m in shock. I need the police ASAP. Please come to the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel now. Please.”

Then: “I was assaulted by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.”

Then: "Still waiting for the police. The bleeding has stopped. I need to document this. Please, can the police come to the SoHo Met Hotel."

Then: "I spoke to my lawyer. I really need to talk to the authorities. Please come to the SoHo Met Hotel. Have called the police. Need them here."

The cops eventually did show up, and are reportedly investigating.

What actually happened between these two remains unclear.

From's account, Hilton was rude to Fergie and confronted him. Hilton then called a f*ggot and a Black Eyed Peas fan beat Hilton up.

Hours later, created his own Twitter account of his own to respond to Hilton's accusations, writing his side of the story: "i just made a twitter account because it isnt cool for someone to blame you and blast you with lies..." then linked to a response video where he denied ever hitting the blogger (below, be forewarned in watching it that it contains graphic language).

“I was the one that came to him with respect, and he was the one who called me a f*ggot outside the club," said in the video. “Sounds like somebody wants mad attention and is not really concerned about his health.”

“Shame on you, shame on your behavior, and that’s just messed up."

Perez Hilton responded, saying: “There are multiple witnesses. You can deny all you want. The truth is the truth and I am telling the truth.”

Here's's video response. Who do you believe?




the world stops turning when someone says 'nappy headed hos" but punch a gay blogger in the face and all is ok? don imus, next time just kick some ass rather than talk. is it time now for a 'reality check'?????


violence is never the answer. for anyone who thinks otherwise, try getting yourselves hit in the face and then see if your thoughts change. we went through this with matthew sheppard and still this behavior continues. what's next, public lynchings of all the late night comics who joke about serious matters? perez hilton did not deserve to be hit for having an opinion, regardless of what his opinion may have been.


I'm sorry, but Perez made his video and he admits to reporting on other peoples drama but does not want his own... I think he honestly had it coming to him. Perez seems like a nice enough guy but I'm surprised that it hasn't happened before. People get into fights all the time but there's never this much drama involved. One question though... if he hit Perez 2 or 3 times, hard to make him bleed, why doesn't he have a bruise or a black eye? Hmmm. Whatever! Ha ha. Just curious. Also, why post it on Twitter? Is he so reliant on Twitter that he had to get his fans to call the cops FOR him? He obviously was well enough to call his lawyer... this is so stupid!!!


What a DOUCHEBAG! Who calls the police via their Twitter account? Only someone BEGGING for attention and not really hurt. If he was hurt he could have had someone at the SoHo Met Hotel call the police for him. What is really disgusting is that all of his lemmings were calling the Emergency Services and tying up the lines, which prevented really urgent calls from getting through. And even though he SWEARS it was who hit him, he obviously lied because it was the band's manager who was arrested for the assault. I can only hope that this starts a "Perez Hilton backlash" that will force him back into obscurity where he belongs (but not before getting his ass kicked at least one more time lol).


Perez is such a "wannabe". First, he "steals" the name of someone else (no mention)...then, makes a living as a "wannabe" blogger (as if he's "Somebody"). He deserved everything he got for his comments. did nothing but confront him about his comments and Perez insults him (with a word that best describes Perez himself). What a loser. Good for you Will!!! I know it wasn't you, but at least you had "good" people around to take care of your "light weight". Lastly, what kind of "LOSER" twitters for the cops to come? That shows just how "far out" this dude really is (or dudette...whichever fits best)!


cant we all just get along ?


Mario (perez hilton) became famous for trashing celebrities, the people have created this monster and yes a good shot in the head every once in a while can be good . Spare the rod Spoil the child.


well judging that im passing thru a site and left a 20 second message, i didnt think nesscary to spell check,.. not a term paper sweets.. and are your eyes working properly?? or did u just have a tad problem processing what u read?? i never gave the notion to "support" gay.. i would care if it was black men, white, purple, green. so if gays like yourself need support, go join the book club or something.. and also, how was it for u coming up gay?? hard?? got teased alot?? probley so< so our hearts go out to you!! Seriously!.. and ive never been a sister honey.. talk about grammer, coming from someone who thought it was wise to put their log in name as boomboomwhat?? net time try gaygaystupid! you'll probley like:-)


The last comment is beautiful - said from a true hate-filled sista. I'm sure all the gay black men out there appreciate your support. And, by the way, Ms. Intelligent, even though "ain't" is not a word, it is not spelled anit. Try finishing school (that is skool in your speak). Have a blessed day.

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