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An encounter with the Black Eyed Peas early this morning in Canada left Perez Hilton assaulted and calling for help via Twitter, according to the blogger.

Instead of calling Toronto police, Perez Hilton appears to have used his TMobile Sidekick to go on Twitter and get his followers to call the cops for him.

He posted this Tweet for help a few hours ago: “I’m in shock. I need the police ASAP. Please come to the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel now. Please.”

Then: “I was assaulted by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.”

Then: "Still waiting for the police. The bleeding has stopped. I need to document this. Please, can the police come to the SoHo Met Hotel."

Then: "I spoke to my lawyer. I really need to talk to the authorities. Please come to the SoHo Met Hotel. Have called the police. Need them here."

The cops eventually did show up, and are reportedly investigating.

What actually happened between these two remains unclear.

From's account, Hilton was rude to Fergie and confronted him. Hilton then called a f*ggot and a Black Eyed Peas fan beat Hilton up.

Hours later, created his own Twitter account of his own to respond to Hilton's accusations, writing his side of the story: "i just made a twitter account because it isnt cool for someone to blame you and blast you with lies..." then linked to a response video where he denied ever hitting the blogger (below, be forewarned in watching it that it contains graphic language).

“I was the one that came to him with respect, and he was the one who called me a f*ggot outside the club," said in the video. “Sounds like somebody wants mad attention and is not really concerned about his health.”

“Shame on you, shame on your behavior, and that’s just messed up."

Perez Hilton responded, saying: “There are multiple witnesses. You can deny all you want. The truth is the truth and I am telling the truth.”

Here's's video response. Who do you believe?


I believe 100%. Perez Hilton is one of the most ridiculous and disrespectful figures around. He just loves starting drama. He probably did say something rude to Black Eyed Peas. There is a difference between stating an opinion and being rude. Fighting is never the answer, however, if someone hit Perez, I'm pretty sure Perez brought it on himself by being so obnoxious. You can only talk so much crap before someone decides they can't take any more and decide kick your butt. I'm willing to bet that very soon, Perez will try to call this a hate crime, when in reality, it was just someone getting tired of him and all his idiotic antics. I agree with Shame on YOU, PEREZ.


Ha...just having some fun "real holly*". Thought I'd chime in on some of the criticism you were taking. Doesn't seem right that they were hypocritical to what you were saying (and doing the same exact thing). Good luck to you. Remember, you have the right to say what you feel (freedom of speech) and nobody has the right to say anything different. Good for you!!!


I believe Perez because what he says makes sense... He don't need that kind of publicity, his webpage is view daily by thousands of people.


****WOW shes doing it again.. now, just spelling it they way i do... honey are u ok?? i always been thought pleasnt about but never just through my words.. how ol are you// im probley too old for us to be friends but i have granddaughtes your age probley.. please write back.. were here to help****... now will do do stars as well?? probley so


Hey imposter...stay off of here. I'm being genuine here. Although I know that you're a really cool person for impersonating me...I'd still like to write my own responses (so stay out of it). I take that back, you type better than I go ahead and speak for me. Thanks Holly!


i spell my name holly, not Holly.. she is an IMPOSTER.. granted i said what i have,but once i apologized, i meant it.. i was NEVER trying to be a jerk like the fool that is acting as though she is I..kinda cool, that someone would go through all of that trouble to want to, i guess act like me.. strange though.. anyways i gave you up so STOP!! remember when i post it will be holly, not Holly (with the capitol).. and youre right on some things bomboom.. i will pray long and hard on this..get a life IMPOSTER


BoomBoomPow....great name. Did your parents name you that? How's this for "grammatically correct posting"...WANNNHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Stop crying! If you haven't noticed, posting is for "free speech"...not for someone (like you) to sit there and analyze every word that is incorrectly typed. Oh, and thanks for the analytical analysis of what's wrong in this world. I feel so much better now.


This is Holly again. I'm kidding, I'm not a good person. What I stated earlier is the deal with it! Christine, stop being so sensitive. Remember, free speech? Oh, and I noticed a few "underlined in red" words of your own....ha. Way to go Will.I.Am!! Your friends should have slapped "Perez" even harder. What a dork!!!


Holly, I'll accept your apology if you can post just one completely grammatically correct posting which is also not filled with any sort of hate. No one expects you to understand homosexuality just as no one expects a non-Jew to understand hardships a Jew might face, or understand what it is like to be black in an all-white town. All everyone wants is acceptance and to live in peace. Until you walk in someone elses shoes, you cannot completely understand their circumstances. Many parents have lost their children to suicide because those kids had parents with similar views such as yours. Keep your thoughts and prayers between you and God, and let others live their lives in peace, regardless of whether or not you agree with their choices.


..i also forgive you jaded falcon, christine,Shelly!!! i do.. love and god bless... christine, im sorry to your kids, bc i dont like mines to hear somethings, but like my husband says "they have to learn one day".. how old are they by the way?? im sure lovely.. well anyways goobye, friends.

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