Olivia Wilde Topless: Maxim-um Hotness

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Last month, when Olivia Wilde was crowned Earth's most beautiful woman by Maxim, we were a little bit skeptical of the men's magazine's decision-making.

After all, have you seen Megan Fox pictures? Marisa Miller photos? Bar Refaeli pics? Adriana Lima images? Is anyone doing research over there at Maxim?

Despite Olivia Wilde's undisputed good looks, this seemed a dubious title given the competition. Seemed. As in past tense. Maxim is changing our minds.

Here's the cover photo of their #1 stunner ...

Olivia Wilde Maxim Cover

Beautiful as this is, it barely scratches the surface of the Wilde thing.

Get ready for so many pictures of Olivia Wilde topless and barely clothed, you won't even know what to do with yourself. Okay, maybe you will. It will involve clicking to enlarge the images below, followed by prying your jaw off the floor.

Maxim, we take back what we said. Against even the hottest of the hot, the House star holds her own (as male fans everywhere do the same with theirs) ...

Olivia Wilde: Maxim Pic
Olivia Wilde Fashion
Wilde For Olivia
Olivia Wilde Topless
Wilde Thing
Topless Olivia Wilde

heejik koop mijn wol altijd bij de eameznd, wibra, of andere goedkope degelijke doe-het-zelf-frutsel-dingen-winkel. Daar heb je bollen 100% acryl (dat blijft lang goed) in heel veel kleurtjes voor meestal maar €1,- per bolsucces!


shes not too skinny shes in the acceptable range


me encanta esta chica!!!!! yo la qiero para mi jejeje
encima fue a un programa de la tele y es uper simpatica :)


The fat brigade picking on us thin people again.....The majority of the healthy people in the world(obviously the overfed on garbage from the west, don't make up most of the world:)), are very thin! Only thin people can live a long life!


it helps her hotness a lot that she has such a beautiful face cause she really is skinny as hell. she could definitely gain a good 15 pounds but the little that's there looks nice considering.


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We find Olivia Wilde very attractive. The former babe from The OC is now proving she's hotter than Mischa Barton. Wilde has landed a role... More »
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