New Report: Jon Gosselin is a Pot-Smoking, Birthday-Cheating Dirtball!

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On March 28, Jon Gosselin reportedly had a revelation:

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    You really need to get to know someone, before you sit in judgment. But Jon took the road to perdition. He is devious, and so immoral. He smokes pot while having custody, beds one "girl" after another, wants Kate to fail, thinks he can get his old job back - but thinks he will "still do television", all the while claiming he doesn't like being filmed. Drinks, smokes, snoops on Kate's personal phone, e-mail and text messages illegally. Contradicts everything he says. Hangs around with scum, his attorney is a wacko, threatens to sue anyone who catches him in all of his many lies and he is a thief! What judge would give a character like this custody time with his kids? Kate watch out, he is out to destroy you - he is contaminated!!!! The only thing that is detrimental to the children is JON!!!


    in the beginning, kate was not the control freak she is now and jon was not lazy and immature. The more controlling kate become the lazier jon becomes and vise versa. neither of them are bad people but they are just very unhappy. it's a shame this show is still on, unfortunately the kids will have this forever to remember. do they really need it on DVD, too?


    Let's see. He is a pot smoking, lazy, adulter so naturally you all will pick on the one wha was betrayed. I think she tries very hard to take care of her kids and the show goes on because she has eight kids to put through college. If Jon doean't want to spend a couple of hours a week to send his kids to college then she should kick him to the curb. It's not like they are constanlyl being on camera. In all, it is a small time and she has to leave to promote her book, which also will bring in money. He should suck it up and help her and not go out chasing skirts and trying to recapture his youth.


    Take the stupid show off already! It's getting ridiculous. Will Jon & Kate get FREE Harleys now in addition to all the other freebies? Better yet, how about each kid getting one? Or else they could all get free cars to use when they're 16. Gawd, what's this world coming to?


    Thanks for the useful info. It's so interesting


    Sorry, Jon needs to go! I know Kate is mean however he made fun of her and told her he didn't find her attracted after having those children. Can't think of how I would have felt if my husband had been that way. Kate had to worry about the bills and etc because Jon was too immature! Also, he better be glad she gave him $5 for lunch because my husband and I took our lunch when we first got marry to save money.


    And where was Kate 4 days later on Jon's birthday? Was she with him? Did she bake him a cake? Did she help him celebrate? Or was she too busy with her bodyguard?


    i just want to say i see her on her video and she all nice and sweet and then i saw her on on tap and she was a BITCH dont be fellen PEOPLE !!!


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