New Photo Shows Perez Hilton Getting Clock Cleaned

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Amazingly, the exact instant in which Perez Hilton got punched in the dome during an altercation with the Black Eyed Peas was captured in the photograph below.

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    What a self-centred idiot. I'll take the black-eyed peas over him anytime.
    What goes around comes around, maybe he should think about
    that before insulting people. He should take a good look at himself.


    He got that Boom Boom POW! Out of all the times he's been fisted, I bet the face was a first.

    When you start yelling at someone and scream "You're not an artist, you're a fucking faggot!" You deserve to get clocked. Not to mention he makes a living out of scrawling words like whore across the photos of teenaged girls.


    Had Mario(Perez) got his ass kicked on the playground a few times, he would have learned that just because you can say something doesn't mean you should. I bet he thinks twice next time he wants to hurt someone with words.


    That is Lady GaGa. Her & Perez are friends and went to the clubs together that night. WHY she would be friends with him? Who knows!! She must have a lot of patience to be friends with one of the most annoying human beings on earth.


    im glad he got hit, and i agree with oh my god. he should expect to get hit. anyone who calls someone a fucking faggot deserves to. he annoys the fuck out of me because he has something bad to say about everyone. he should be lucky all he did was get hit in the face. he needs to learn to watch his mouth.


    This is the most pathetic story i've ever heard. Perez Hilton is just like the whiny little fat kid on the playground - the one that mouthes off about EVERYONE, then cries when it gets returned. Fair enough, maybe he shouldn't have been hit, but he can't expect to live his life speaking about people the way he does and expect to never be involved in conflict.

    I find the whole twitter thing absolutely disgusting. The police told him they would try to get to him as soon as possible, but had ACTUAL emergancies to deal with. He then decides to make a big drama on twitter, asking people to phone the police for him - tying up an emergancy line, making it difficult for people with ACTUAL problems to get through? Maybe someone was having a heart attack, maybe someone had had an accident - he only got popped in the eye!

    this drama queen is pathetic. I'm away to buy a BEP album.

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