New Moon Set Secrets: Revealed!

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From trailers to photos to secrets about its stars, New Moon is receiving as much hype as any movie in recent memory. And it doesn't even come out until November!

The latest report is courtesy of Life & Style, a tabloid that, unsurprisingly, is focusing most of its coverage on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

According to the magazine, the stars perfected their spit swapping technique on May 27 in Montepulciano, Italy, as a 10-hour shoot focused on the key reunion scene between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

"They were happy and laughing throughout filming," said an extra. "It was like they were the only two actors on set."

Despite Stewart's supposed relationship with Michael Angarano, witnesses say her and Pattinson were able to spend a lot of alone time in Italy.

"I saw them surfing the Internet together," a bartender at the Grand Hotel Admiral Palace said. "They were looking and laughing at something."

A Twilight Tell-All

Meanwhile, Ashley Greene described how the beauty of the Italian countryside contrasted with the tone of the scenes being filmed there.

"These are the most frightening and nerve-racking scenes," she said. "It's when [the powerful Volturi vampires] are debating whether to kill Edward and Bella."

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i dont think they should date,kristen loooves her boyfriend and her and Michael Angarano are soo cute together, i would hate to see them 2 break up. besides XD i love rob XD


haha maybe they were laughing at the gossips about them being together haha :D:D
But yes i agree with Melissa and Dyestanie! :)We should just mind our own business and respect their privacy ;)


I don't care if they get together... so long as they don't break up and then decide either they don't WANT to film another movie together or they are just awkward during the filming of it and ruin the movie... my only thing is she has a very trusting boyfriend. If Rob and her DO get together or if they ARE together, I sure how she broke it off with him first.


i would LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE for them to be a couple too! Cuz they r sooo cute together!
But people, chillax! If they want us to know theyll tell us and if thet dont, we should just mind our own buisness. But in the meantime, lets just hope theyre together because they r adorable together!!!

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