Morgan Freeman Affair with E'Dena Hines - His Step-Granddaugher - Alleged By Tabloid

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Morgan Freeman has been having a nearly decade-long affair with E'Dena Hines, who is his step-granddaughter, according to the National Enquirer.

The scandalous charge has emerged in the bitter divorce battle between the Academy Award-winning actor and his wife Myrna, says a source.

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The relationship between the star, 72, and E'Dena Hines, 27, began when she was a teen, a source says. E'Dena is the granddaughter of Morgan's first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, and was raised by Morgan and Myrna "since she was a little girl."

The alleged Morgan Freeman affair not only contributed to his split from Myrna Colley-Lee, his wife of 25 years, but it also led to the celebrity's breakup with his longtime mistress, former schoolteacher Mary Joyce Hays.

Apparently neither woman was pleased about this. Shocking.

Was Morgan Freeman sleeping with E'Dena Hines, his ex-wife's granddaughter?

The Enquirer quotes a source saying E'dena told Myrna about a night as a teenager when she and Morgan Freeman went to dinner at a friend's house.

"Both had been drinking, and when they returned home, Morgan attempted to have sex with her. They stopped just short of having intercourse," the source said. "E'Dena explained to Myrna that she stopped Morgan from going any further."

Myrna confronted Morgan Freeman, and he agreed to leave E'Dena Hines alone - but unbeknownst to Myrna, the relationship continued for years.

E'Dena has also been Morgan's escort to several public events, including last summer's premiere of the blockbuster bat-flick hit, The Dark Knight.

"Nobody thought anything of it, because she was introduced as his granddaughter. It's not technically incest, because they are not related by blood... [but] Morgan is trying to keep his divorce out of court so all the facts won't become public."

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it's SO interesting: how everyone reveals their own horrors, distastes and prejudices, I guess that's the nature of tabloid profits, but really; is it conceivable that this is the story of two people in love?--love conquers all, believe it, you're burying yourselves WAY too early!


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You go Morgan! You're my hero!


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