Miley Cyrus's Nose Piercing: Awesome or Ugly?

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We cannot report with certainty that Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are dating again.


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    I have my nose pierced. I love it on Miley. It's a way for her to express herself. Don't just bring in religious stuff into this convo. I have the same amount of piercings. It's not over dramatic either so big whoop. Many get their nose pierced and no one gives a damn. Why should anyone care if Miley gets a little stud on her nose?


    She has a cute flat nose and the piercing spoilt that cuteness.


    she's is great person, but the nose piercing, i never thought she would get it, she use to be my idol but the nosse piercing got in the way, it doesnt look bad, but i think we came to earth with everything we need, so i dont see the need of the piercing or tattoos. no offese to anyone, but that doesnt change who she is, i like how she sings and shes herself, i still


    It's just a nose stud, not a nose ring, and its little so it really shouldn't be a big deal. So what if she's a role model, she's just expressing herself, and come on, the girl has to live her life sometime! I have a few more piercings than just my nose and its really not a big deal. And if she ever wants to take it out if it is real, it barely even scars and it heals quick. Quit wetting your pants people. Calm down, this isn't a crisis. Its just Miley Cyrus.


    sorry for the horrid spelling my iPhone likes to "correct" my spelling =\


    come on ppl, nothing is permanent especially a tiny hole in your nose. I live the tiny stud on her and thinks it looks cute on her. it us true she could have used something fske if it err only for the movie but more than likely she got it for keeps (at least for a while). she got it knowing you have to put some work into caring for it until it I'd healed so I highly doubt irbid just for the movie. I have my nose pierced and have for about 2 years, with that being said if I remove mine for a week the tiny post is almost impossible to push through without tears. plus if u r one of the ones goin on jow u can't hardly see it then u make a Tony thing s big deal? it us afterall her face.


    i have my nose pierced , but i dont think it looks right on her . i dont like it .




    It would look alot better if she wuz older cuz alot of kids look up to her.I say "look better" meaning for reputation sake.But other than that,i really love it.It looks great on her.


    I like miley cyrus ok i guess.The nose ring looks awesome.All she is doing is trying to act a little older.I used to love her but that vanity fair and poll dancing thing wuz over the top!

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