Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas Together ... on Stage!

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As if the first concert of the Jonas Brothers' new tour in Arlington, Texas, last night wasn't awesome enough, a very special guest made an appearance.

That's right, none other than Miley Cyrus came on stage to sing her duet with Nick Jonas, "Before The Storm," off the latest Jonas Brothers album.

Looks like they've reconnected in more ways than one!

The two have spent QT together since she broke up with Justin Gaston recently, and Joe Jonas basically confirmed Nick and Miley are dating in an interview with Larry King. But this video may be the strongest evidence of their love yet.

From the way Miley looks at Nick during the performance, is there any doubt she is head over heels in love with him? We think not. We think not.

Here's Miley and Nick performing together at last night's show. Try to keep the squeals at a reasonable volume if you're watching this in public:


it's totally cute...
it's like a reunion of former couple..
love it..
niley 4ever


eles sao maravilhosos juntos eu adoro os dois e mesmo q falem mau da miley o q e tudo ciumes eu defendo os dois


OMG!! when i saw this video
i was like omg look how she stares at him
shes soo in love with him! :]
its also cute how she smiles at him
but my fave part was when nick gave her a kiss
oh thats soo romantic!
miley+nick=true love


hey one moment...i cant say much more but in like jonas but i dont lOvEeEe him as u say but i think......they made acute couple but im a little bit jelousss


O.m.G There are SoOoOoOoOo CuTe But if u think there not or are cute nobody cares cause its there life not ares SoOoOoOoOo let them do what they want Ok.... :)


did you see her giggle at 3:34? she was totally flirtatious (:


nice job katrina i agree with you they belong together


they are so perfect for eachother.for all you haters out there leave them alone and JOE is not a jerk.they will like whoever they like.


oh nooose my lover nick :( Hes inlove.. and its not with me... :( personally i hope he finds true love somewhere else. I am not a fan of miley or anything she stands for. I hope Things dont work out between them. I would die if they ended up married.


Hey miley! It's me katrina! I just want to say you and nick make very extremely adorable couple and brats who ever you are shut up you don't know what you're talking about so i wouldn't be talking if i were you! Brats who ever you are if you don't have anything to say don't say anything at all so BACK OFF YOU TWIT! Miley and Nick i wish you the best of luck with your relationship!

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