Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas: Spotted in Savannah!

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I was thinking back to where we started and how we lost all that we are...
- Nick Jonas, "Before the Storm"

Miley Cyrus is currently in Savannah, Georgia, as production gets underway for the Nicholas Sparks-penned movie The Last Song.

Miley in Concert

But fans of the singer are more interested in her current song; i.e., the duet she has undertaken with her rumored-to-be rekindled flame, Nick Jonas.

As the lyrics above - as well as Miley's own Tweets - imply, this couple is back together. In fact, Nick flew down to Savannah this week to be with Cyrus, as the pair were spotted jet skiing.

The photo below was taken by a local South Carolina television station. It's distant, and a bit grainy, but get close to the computer screen and squint: it's totally Miley and Nick!

Listen to "Before the Storm" right now. Do you like it? And do you like Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas as a couple?


o.m.g I'm ten and I'm from savanna gorgia im a white girl tho


Yes, of course., if they is a tense married couple will very tiptop.


hey uhm..nick ur behind miley cyrus, i hope ur havin fun at that! And this was at june.11.2009 june 11 is when niley went out


yes i do think they were a good couple.


did u no this was on Enews??? they talked bout her br8k up w/ justin g. they said "miley and nick were recently spotted jet skiing 2 gether while she was in savannah,georgia filming the last song...they started reconnecting and once miley realized she was never really over nick those old feelings came rushing back and she ended her relationship w/ justin" and that is excactly what day sed,,now im not sure if niley is on again but i hope so..i




wa the hell people leave them alone its they life if they want to get back together then they can the only reason because they love each other duh leave them alove yu weirdo stop slaging them off
and if yu say yur not jealousy yu are diff are so don`t deny it
yu loser well i love niley bye


hate the song.miley cyrus is so lame.nick jonas is my miley stay a way from my man!!!!


exactly .. it didnt work the first time so i think they should move on!


i dont think miley and nick are a good couple.
i dont think there cute. not being nasty on miley but i think nick can do better. and i dont really like the song. i dont think they should be together ;D

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