Michael Jackson: His Life in Photos

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Michael Jackson was awesome.

No other word does justice. The only question is whether he was one of the biggest stars in the history of music, or the biggest star in the history of music.

News that Michael Jackson died yesterday grinded the Internet and much of the world to a halt. Only a select few people would inspire that kind of reaction.

He was incomparable, and is irreplaceable.

Below are just a few memorable photos of the star from his childhood and the peak of his career to his eccentric later years. Click to enlarge the images below ...

The Jacksons
The Moonwalk
Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery
Michael Jackson mug shot
Off the Wall

the most sadest news of my life
i just wanna say that he is not dead he is in our hearts
and really he is a legend


Jayda shut the fuck up. You're the one who needs god to forgive you for buying into false allegations. He was not just the biggest pop star in the world he was also the biggest STAR in the world!!!!


no matter wat they say i'll keep loving michael jackson bcos he was a good man.rest in peace.


its been weeks since this legend passed on but but get shork on the name mj. its not a curse but the world big an icon like him.we miss u bro


oh! i am so so so sad that he is dead. But he will be in our heart 4 ever and4ever. may Allah bless him.we luv u michael!


his childhood had to be better than most of the worlds kids, what a cry baby, do you know how many people would swap their childhoods with mj's?! he was no paedophile, and yes he was bigger than elvis. RIP!


i am so ad that he died i think that the doctors killed him and why were his childen not aloud in public zx


I do not believe that MJ was a pedophille! Those people just wanted a "piece" of his fortune...... and many, including Ms. Rowe (Nurse...Ha Ha) got a piece. He was a troubled boy and man and not without problems I am sure but NOT a pedophille. His children would have suffered the same perversion had he been. Besides he was not convicted and would have been had he of committed such acts by the State of California! I will always remember him the way he was as a young entertainer.


He was a great entertainer,pioneer of the'80s but worst babysitter for little boys under the age of 12yrs.(ALL HAIL HEART ATTACK!!!!) But i'll miss his music,I bet everyone in this world grew-up with a bit of MJ's music experience.May Almighty Father forgive his sins.


its sad that evfen now he s dead pple are making up stories to sell magazine and while doing so badmouthing pple like grace rwaramba raymlone bain and debbie who never talked anything bad about mr jackson and sticking camera s kin mrs jackson face at this time its awfull please give all the fa milie friends and fans from michael time to deal with this immens loss and pain in peace


Michael Jackson Biography

Michael Jackson mug shot
Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, with the best-selling album of all-time and more than a dozen massive hits. After years of physical... More »
Gary, Indiana
Full Name
Michael Joseph Jackson