Michael Jackson Autopsy Results: Coroner Reports Cause of Death Unknown, Foul Play Not Suspected

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The Los Angeles County Coroner says Michael Jackson's autopsy is complete, but more testing is needed before the official cause of death can be determined.

The coroner said the cause of Michael Jackson's death Thursday was deferred because additional testing - including toxicology and other tests - is needed.

That will take 4-6 weeks to complete.

There was no trauma to Michael Jackson's body and "no indication of foul play" - but he said the superstar had been taking "some prescription medications."

It has been theorized - though not confirmed - that a Demerol overdose may have played a role in his demise by slowing Jackson's breathing until it stopped.

While the singer pronounced dead in the emergency room of UCLA, evidence suggests he was not breathing or conscious at the time a 911 call was placed.

Attempts by Dr. Conrad Murray (left) to revive Michael Jackson were unsuccessful after he suffered cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson's official cause of death is still unknown.

His personal physician, Dr. Conrad Robert Murray (pictured) was presumably the last person to see him alive, performing CPR before paramedics arrived.

Jackson's body will be released after 6 p.m. PST.


I'm not sure why everyone is so upset that a preditor of children is dead. Oh and a duggy also


will miss you, but your music will live for ever


how did i say anything about a dr being black? you are the only one speaking about race, not I. so dont put that on me. what i was asying was that you implied that it was wrong of the dr to work as a private physician as if e has obligations to run an office. i was just responding to that. but speaking of black dr, did you see that curb your enthusiasm when l.d. asks his friend how he is comfortable with a black dr even with affirmative action? that was funny. remember it was a joke, relax.


dr no, you are an idiot. Responses like yours ignite the reason why many white people avoid black doctors. Michael Jackson's doctor didn't even know CPR 101! And Kanye West's doctor sent Kanye's mother home after major surgery! Where is the care a doctor takes an oath to uphold? I hope the Jackson family takes action against this incompetent doctor and shows the world that this idiot black doctor does not represent the level of care and competence of all black doctors!


in response to you who spoke of a dr's oath to public health. why is there a dr's oath at all. there is no obligation in going to medical school that requires you to take care of people. It is the physiciains choice for how he uses his degree. you fool who thinks there is a public oath. why would one person be obligated to use his very expensive training to take care of someone else? stop thinkin you are entitiled to other people's time and pocessions and trust me you will be a more successful and happy person.


I love michael jackson. you are the best. i will always love.


OMG...I just found a detailed report of what happened and a real transcript of the 911 call at www.dailypennies.com/mjackson.... Crazy stuff man.


Possibly because he was already in cardiac arrest when they realized that he had overdosed. You cannot give someone Narcan to reverse the Demerol overdose once they're in cardiac arrest.


This doctor of Michael's is a joke. I agree with you, Registered. This guy needs to lose his license so no one else suffers this kind of fate. Poor Michael, may he rest in peace.


As a RN, what the f*** is M.J. even being administered Demerol for?? Or why is the so called MD performing CPR on the bed??? CPR should be performed on a hard surface. Where was this so called MD AED monitor.... All the circumstances are so baffling!! There is so much absurdity to this case. Generally, you don't give people or demerol or morphine unless they are terminally ill in the hospital dying of cancer for example. Generally you only administer those meds to make clients comfortable before they die. And Xanax and Zoloft---those will also slow down CNS/resp system to some extent. That so called "MD" needs to lose his license----so sad so sad of an occurance.


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