Michael Jackson Autopsy Results: Coroner Reports Cause of Death Unknown, Foul Play Not Suspected

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The Los Angeles County Coroner says Michael Jackson's autopsy is complete, but more testing is needed before the official cause of death can be determined.

The coroner said the cause of Michael Jackson's death Thursday was deferred because additional testing - including toxicology and other tests - is needed.

That will take 4-6 weeks to complete.

There was no trauma to Michael Jackson's body and "no indication of foul play" - but he said the superstar had been taking "some prescription medications."

It has been theorized - though not confirmed - that a Demerol overdose may have played a role in his demise by slowing Jackson's breathing until it stopped.

While the singer pronounced dead in the emergency room of UCLA, evidence suggests he was not breathing or conscious at the time a 911 call was placed.

Attempts by Dr. Conrad Murray (left) to revive Michael Jackson were unsuccessful after he suffered cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson's official cause of death is still unknown.

His personal physician, Dr. Conrad Robert Murray (pictured) was presumably the last person to see him alive, performing CPR before paramedics arrived.

Jackson's body will be released after 6 p.m. PST.


Po' Chile' diddlin' Michael...I guess it was time to pay the piper. To his many psychotic fans he will remain a demigod. To the sane he will remain a talented dancer, a moderately talented musician and a deeply disturbed paedophile who hated himself & his race enough to try to remake himself into his best imaginary friend.




I dont know how some people can be so cruel wishin his family dead thats disgustin theyve lost a son and brother n to the people who think he's a child molester would u take money if he'd molested ur child? because i wouldnt there's not enough money in the world i would take to let someone get away with that, i would fight it all the way till they were locked up i think they were in it for the money the people that accused him. i think he was just a big kid his self but with great music r.i.p


He was a great talent,there is no competitor of MJ has born and no one will come across.He was the best and admirable.
We love MJ, u will always be there in our heart.with love nd regards,RIP MJ


I think its sick that people can talk so nasty about Michael Jackson even after his death. And for that person to wish death on his family is plain cruel. No one derserves to die! His mother just lost her son even if he was famous that's the worst thing a mother can face is losing her child. I think personally all the people who say these nasty things are nothing more than a bunch hateful, ignorant people who need to keep their disgusting comments to themselves. Leave the comments to the REAL fans out there. They shouldn't even be allowed to post such nasty comments either. They should have better screening. Its upsetting to the ones who really cared For Michael to read such hateful comments. Let Michael Jackson FINALLY REST IN PEACE.


To all people making jokes or saying you hate him or whatever. At least show some respect to the man. Regardless of possible child abuse he was a big influence in visual and music culture.


Michael was not declared deceased until he got to the hospital and all efforts were exhausted to revive him. His doctor, a cariologist, would not typically be keeping a syringe of Narcan with him wherever he went, nor could he make the assumption that Michael had ovedosed. What happened we will not clearly know until the toxicology tests are back and until then we shouldn't be making judgements. These celebrities live in the lime light, which we don't, and too many times terrible things end up happening when they find themselves lonely and detached. They don't have the option to just go out and visit with friends. Sad. Remember the man for all of the good he did and how much joy he brought all of us through music. He's gone now.


Damn, some of you guys are so stupid, the man is innocent; Michael Jackson had developed drug dependence. You heard by the time he got there, the man had already poisoned himself. Damn, it's not easy being in the medical field, how are you going to try to accuse an innocent man like that? Besides, he tried his best to ressuscitate Michael Jackson. I think being a doctor or nurse, you expose yourself to trouble. The man has nothing to do with Michael's death,let us be fair on this. Don't even mention the man's name on this.


Rot in hell michael, one less child molester makes the children safer. But lets not forget his other accomplishments like drug addiction. He was a bigger joke then his misguided mentally impaired fans. Quit trying to latch onto jerko, with a little effort, you can be something too. Like a drug addicted pervert


MJ's is not a raper
that mother**** journalist who made the documentary manipulated the video making people think that MJ was just a crasy man o liked to fu** children when he just spent all his money for the sake of children he just didnt wanted that the children in the world pass what he went through hes dad spank MJ just for missing the steps while he was in Jackson 5
MJ was all for the children the accusation of rape only came after the doccumentary was out cause some bitch saw an opportunity to win money stealing 23$M he just had a bad childwood like he says at is song "childwood" there you can see hes unconditional love for children he wouldnt do such a thing ... just because someone tells you something you arent supposed to belive it....then i just want to say one more thing KILL YOUR SELF.


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