Michael Jackson Autopsy Allegedly Reveals Brittle, Ailing Star

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The autopsy on Michael Jackson's body revealed him to be in terrible shape, with only pills in his stomach when he died, according to a report out of the UK.


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    he was a great man his music is still rocking and people need to stop calling him jacko and making fin of his skin issues i know he doesn't look like how he did on the cover of BAD or in the video thriller but hes the same great man he was


    I would like to hear SOMEONE apologise for making fun of the man's skin all these years. He had a SERIOUS skin disease and was made fun of by grown ups- black and white saying he wanted to be white. Also now that he is dead- maybe the media can STOP CALLING HIM JACKO. Even in death the man can not escape ridicule. I am sick and tired of the idiots who CONTINUE to call him out of his name. His name was MICHAEL JACKSON and we were blessed that he was in this world..................


    whether he was now wearing a wig or not all i knoe is that M.J was really a great man who left a mark here on earth,his music continues to rock.he remains the best ever to live on earth,lets not focus on his personal life but on what he left for all of us i.e the great music & of cos the dance moves.


    ShalooneyToon why coudn't michael jackson grow his hair black? because it has been black since bad in 1987. but why sould we care if it a wig or not, we sould focas on his mucis and his entertament. i love michael jackson so i dont care if his hair was a wig or not. this is it would have been amazing.x miss you mj.xx


    Actually Lydia, Micheal is bald......... He couldn't grow his real hair back so he just cut it all of! And i am a big fan of MICHAEL JACKSON! that is crazy whats al wrong with his body!


    michael is not bald and hes not wering a wig get it


    micheal jacksons death is the greatest of all.but all the same lets leave every thing to god,he is the great judge.if somebody has a hand on his death,let god decide what will happen to the person but if nobody lets take it as something necessary because there is an adage that says death is a necessary thing that will come when it will come.so micheal rest in peace we love you.my email is sonnieanudu74@yahoo.co.uk


    Pertain to the death of the deceased Mr. Micheal Jackson,my condolences to the family. To everyone with speculation and blame surrounding his death, i say that we leave that to the creator up above. He have to answer for his time here on earth and nobody knows what he as an individual was going through. People are always in a hurry to judge and pick on you and as they say good news takes a while and bad news travels faster. Nobody knows what he was going through and what he felt only god knows so let him be and rest until that day is upon us.

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