Melissa Joan Hart Prays For Farrah Fawcett, People Cover

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Last week, former teen star Melissa Joan Hart was praying over and over and over again that Farrah Fawcett would not succumb to cancer, which she is battling.

Not out of compassion for the ailing actress and legendary sex symbol, though. Just because she wanted to be on the cover of People Magazine so desperately.

The New York Post says Melissa Joan Hart was overheard at KTLA's studios in L.A., where she was promoting her new candy store (apparently) saying as much.

The former Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star, 33, was overheard saying to someone off-camera she hoped Farrah wouldn't die, so she could stay on the cover.

Melissa Joan Hart Bikini Pic

We wish Farrah Fawcett well and hope she prevails in her fight against cancer ... and not because we're worried about losing a celebrity news magazine cover to her.

Farrah passing away, which seemed fairly likely, given her declining health, would've been big news and bumped Hart's bikini body and weight loss tips off.

That would have been as tragic as it gets - for Hart.

Fortunately for Melissa, she ended up on the cover - and is dressed appropriately for her ultimate destination if she keeps making comments such as this.


oh god she was fat :|


MJH go away...I was happy for a while when you were fat, but it seems all the attention you got years ago when your butt was all hot and everything you want again. Glory days are just that - they are hopefully over. My marriage was almost ruined because you thought we needed to see you naked and on the beach in a thong with you butt hanging out. Please go away MJH. I rather Farrah ruin my marriage not just some D Lister.


I think Melissa Joan Hollywood-weight-loss-of-the-month should just keep her mouth shut - she is only stepping on her own lips trying to make this sound 'better' or as if she didn't mean it. I would just as soon not see any article about Farrah with an image of this person licking that 'sucker' on her finger. Great diversion, bringing in her own mother's illness as an excuse. Disgusting person, disgusting comment!


Hope she goes straight to ----. She's appropriately dressed. Get a Life you cold hearted,insensitive b----! Is your family proud? You're a has been that never was!


Guys...this is a GOSSIP column. Remember what GOSSIP means...take with a grain of salt.


What a thoughtless human being..Oh wait, she's not thoughtless. All her thoughts are about herself. You are selfish and heartless and you should know that what comes around, goes around.


melissa Joan hart is a Has Been!!!!! And for her to pray that farrah does not die so she could get the cover of people magazine is heartless and tacky.
Melissa joan hart will never amount to what farrah has.
And being on the cover for being fat and losing weight is sad and desperate. She may have lost weight but still has a homely face and she's short with no neck.

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