Megan Fox: Men are Like Puppies

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We've said it before and we'll say it again:

Megan Fox has to do more posing naked and less talking.

In the latest issue of British GQ, the actress compared actors and actresses to prostitutes.

Classy in GQ

Now, in excerpts from the same interview, she's comparing men to dogs. Here's what we mean:

On fame: "It doesn't mean anything. Anyone can be famous."

On marijuana: "I hope they legalize it and when they do I'll be the first f--king person in line to buy my pack of joints."

On men that come on to her: "Retards. Ridiculous. So pathetic!"

On men, in general: "[They are] weak. Like puppies."

Look, Megan, if you hate us so much, there's an entire gender just waiting for your breasts and your smile. You can start with Olivia Wilde.


Finally, somebody publicly saying what I've been for years. I do love me some puppies. As soon as they start humping, you have to nip that in the butt.


shit a girl with a brain? oh god, poor you! i don't think you are very intelligent.. so you just can handle silly girls, ha? yeah she's pretty but that's all! she's so silly saying such things, for many teenager she's like a role model.. legalizing marihuana? oh come on girl, you have money, GO AND BUY YOU A BRAIN!! bitch


I dont see anything wrong with what she said...i guess some ppl just cant handle the truth! Megan is awesome cuz she questions anything and makes her own assessments, shit a girl with a brain abd looks like hers are Godsent, Go Megan!!!!!!!


Go megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Typical superficial Hollywood trash. Go back to your trailer and feed your dogs.


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