Megan Fox: Back Together With Brian Austin Green. Again. We Think.

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Those Shia LaBeouf rumors didn't last long.

A day after reports linked her to her Transformers co-star, sources are confirming that Megan Fox is most definitely back together with Brian Austin Green.

In fact, while Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was earning over $200 million at the box office this weekend, the actress was reportedly driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to meet up with Green very early Sunday morning.

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An insider close to the couple tells OK! that the twosome is so totally on again.

“Megan and Brian are definitely together. They call each other 'baby' and are just so cute together. I don’t think they ever really broke up. They’re so comfortable and ridiculously cute. In the elevator Megan put on chapstick with her finger and then put the rest from her finger on his lips. They seem so happy together and so in love.”

At least this week, that is.

Once this chapstick-fest dies down, however, we hope Fox takes Kim Kardashian up on her girl krush.


What a horrible life to live..I dont ever think she had a boytoy.. More so never believed she was in love with Greene...If she did ...she would have m,arried the single father a long time ago... I think that if a woman loves you she loves you... If a woman doesnt love you...then she wont marry the guy.


I was regret when BAG and Fox broke up.
they're such a great couple and I don't care if Shia was her boytoy and it's good to seeing they're ON again. :D


I would get two Megan Fox tattoss on both my arms and I want Greene to watch it bleed.. I love Megan Fox. love always,


Megan totally plays the celebrity reporters. No one seems to reliase she's just toying with them. She claims to be single just to make headlines and get attention, i dont think they ever really broke up. And i would take anything she says with a grain of salt.


Megan Fox will lose all her fans if she stay with him. Brian Austin Greene will never marry Megan Fox. Brian Austin Greene will never give Megan Fox any children. I feel sorry for Megan if she stay with him. I love Megan Fox. Love always,

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