Mariah Carey Gets Revenge, Dresses Up as Eminem

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Mariah Carey is out for revenge against Eminem.

Dressing up in drag as the rapper while filming the music video for her song "Obsessed" in New York City, the singer took their feud to a new level.

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The Mariah Carey tune's lyrics include this line:

"You're so lame. Ooh boy, why you so obsessed with me? Ohh finally found a girl you couldn't impress / Last man on the earth / still couldn't get this."

Ohh, snap. We have to say, her costume designer did one heck of a job.

Here's Mariah and the real Eminem. Who do you think is more hard core?

Mariah Carey channels her inner Eminem. It's a pretty accurate depiction.

This is in response to when Eminem rapped about Mariah Carey - who he has said he briefly dated in 2001 - in his song "Bagpipes From Baghdad."

In that song, Eminem raps, "Mariah whatever happened to us. Why did we ever have to break-up? Nick Cannon, you better back the f**k up. I'm not playing, I want her back, you punk ... I wish you luck with that ... wh*re!"

Those lyrics prompted Carey's husband Nick Cannon to respond: "What type of grown... man lies about getting with a chick? Only Slim Lamey! LOL!"

Bet Eminem is still stinging inside and lying awake at night replaying that retort. He did admit later that he went too far in that song, at least. 


Mariah Carey may be famous and everytyhing but i lovvvvvvvvvve eminem and always will cause he tells what goes on in his life 4real shyt...... But i beileve you Riah he stalked you in is obbssed with you......


yea ok so i dont like mariah most ppl r right for saying mariah is a lamo and butt face or what ever man slim is the best and will always be


man nick is so lame slim shady is way better than mariah butty and nick grand cannon ball jerk man eminem is alsome hes the best rapper i would ever here and mariah and nick NEED to back odff of him before something bad happens by the way eminem is so cute lol =]


i only found out about this recently.... tooooo funny!


fckk mariah she is a fuckin whore eminem shouldnt appologize she a fuckin dog any way n wat the fuck mn trying to dress up as eminem she dnt look anytin lke him in fact she looks lke she normal fuckin slag DNT DISS EMINEM ENIT) sfe slim shady c u inabit m8 snd


lot about you


i cant stand mariah she works on my mama nd my damn nerves nick just did better with just staying with christan..she looks way better then mariah with dhat squeaky ass voice uhh..but i love me so eminem dhat man so sexy.ill do him lol...


i like mariah. but i love eminem. fucccccckkk that lying hoe. love you em :)


fuqin mariah carey shes a lil bytch and a fuqin hoe


hi miy name is sheroma.sariago

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