Maria Belen Chapur Pictures: Revealed at Last!

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Maria Belen Chapur is the mistress of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

This we learned earlier in the week when he admitted his extramarital affair with the Argentine woman - and Sanford's emails to her were hilariously published.

But little information about, and no photos of, Maria Belen Chapur have been available for us to learn anything about the latest infamous political mistress.

Until now.

For what it's worth (nothing), Maria Belen Chapur appears to be at least somewhat attractive, putting her several leagues above Rielle Hunter. Sorry, John Edwards.

Maria Belen Chapur is an Argentine woman who met Sanford seven years ago, and is 43. They were friends before she became his mistress, but the two have had a romantic relationship for a year or so. As we said, there are emails to prove this.

According to reports, she works for Bunge y Born, an agribusiness and grain trading corporation. She is fluent in English, as well as Portuguese and Chinese.

Chapur is also married, appropriately, and has two sons with her husband, with whom she lives in an upscale section of Buenos Aires. Some reports claim she is a former model, body builder and/or actress. Whether this is true is unclear.

Below are more photos of Maria Belen Chapur screen-capped from a 2001 video. Also included are pics of a Maria Shapur on Facebook who may or may not be the woman behind Mark Sanford's Argentine affair, but she has the same name!

What do you think? Are those other pictures even her? And what was Mark Sanford thinking getting caught up in this - and thinking it could be kept secret?

Here's a video of Maria Belen Chapur ...


I agreee, Mark listen to your heart and don´t spoil your life!!


I hope Mark will follow his heart and divorce his wife as she is blackmailing him with the Bible. Remember mark, we only have one life so son´t stay in a marriage without love!


Please, I beg of you, leave Mark alone. His soft, wet kisses between my tender milky thighs will happen no more. Only the memories remain of the crotch crickets he gave me on that warm summer moon-lit night. His ramming manhood was ripe for the picking and I must remember that it only took moments for his fury to spew its delicious fountain.

Maria belen chapur

I beg you, please leave me be. I don't care what the emails say, we only played footsie.


This is Maria and those pictures are not of me. I'm a blonde and am pregnant with Mark's child. Please leave me alone for now. Mark and I are in love and hope to marry soon as soon as our divorces become finalized.


Those are two different women in the video and the photos. Also, if her name is really Maria "Shapur", I doubt the TV station she supposedly is working for would credit her as Maria "Chapur". And the woman in the pictures, whose name IS apparently Maria Shapur, looks a lot older than 43 to me. TMZ claims Sanford's Maria Shapur is a dirty blonde. The reporting on this has been all over the map and I don't think anybody has uncovered the real truth yet. One of those women could be the lady in question, but it's just as conceivable that neither is the right one.


"Maria Belen Chapur appears to be at least somewhat attractive, putting her several leagues above Rielle Hunter." Be honest - what woman isn't several leagues above the hideously ugly Hunter? Chapur seems to be above Hunter in many ways - Chapur doesn't stalk rich men to scam them out of money, doesn't sell her story to the tabloids, didn't get pregnant as a ploy for blackmail, etc. But again, who wouldn't be above Hunter?

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