Mady Gosselin to Kate Gosselin: You're Really Mean!

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Sorry, Us Weekly.

You may be making a living these days off Jon and Kate Gosselin - the tabloid has placed the couple on its cover for seven consecutive weeks - but we don't always believe your anonymous sources.

Is Kate Gosselin really "a monster?" It seems that way, but can we get some hard evidence please?

Fortunately (for celebrity gossip followers, not so much for Kate), proof has now been provided by one of the Gosselin's own children:

In the video below - a clip of Kate and her children prior to their appearance on Access Hollywood - daughter Mady asks her mother for a drink of water. Kate's reaction?

She takes sip and then places the bottle on the floor, away from Mady. Crying, the eight-year old responds: "You're really really mean. You drank it right in front of my face."

Kate tells her child to "be quiet." Man, if only she took her own advice...


You people are ridiculous. Mady has been a brat on almost every single episode. She whines, complains and treats absolutely everything like it is a life or death drama...including the name of their puppies. It was not going to kill her to be patient until after filming for water. That child has missed no meals and is well taken care of. I see absolutely nothing wrong with Kate drinking water in front of her. If Mady would be less of a brat then maybe she would get things when she wanted them. Again, Mady having to wait 10 minutes for a drink of water is not a crisis. I can only think that you guys crucifying Kate must have horrible little brats for children too if you think that a crying kid must have whatever they are crying for that very second. Unbelievable.


She is so mean. It's heartwrenching to see those beautiful children growing up to think it's acceptable to be mean, shallow & materialistic. Perhaps I'm wrong. Hope so.
But I'd NEVER watch her as a hostess or on a talk show. Id boycott!


Why was this removed? TLC had it removed from youtube, also! Mady said She liked Daddy more! AND Kate grabbed Her little Girls shoulder painfully on camera! What the hell does She do at home?? Poor Kids!! CPS are You watching??


Oh yes, Kate has to work/so/ hard! Just watch as she instructs the kids nannies to dress them, make their food, and get them ready for school while Kate gets pampered, has 7k extensions done in her hair, and wears expensive clothes! TOTALLY a image of a struggling single mom


I love Kate. I am sorry for all of you that do not have kids but taking charge of all those children would blow your mind! So all of you who think you are so special just try it ! Yes, she said some mean things to Jon but he is self centered and all about himself. All he brags about is how he gave up his life and his 20's. Well he contributed his part in the decision to have another child. Poor Poor Jon. So now he is out playing and screwing around and Kate is there taking care of the children while he comes and goes as he pleases. I think he is a sorry example of a father and I don't care what any of you have to say. Obviously you are all boy crazy. Stupids!


Mady is a brat! She is just like Kate!!!


How rude of Kate to do that in front of her kids. Yes Mady is always whiny and acting out but is it for attention because Kate is more interested in money and how she looks and acts for the show or because Mady was really thristy. The other kids didn't seem to care or even notice. Kate could've and should've waited for drinks with all the kids at the end of the show. Who cares is Mady was drinking when the intereview started. Now it shows them disagreeing on when or if someone can have water. It was almost like a slap to the face kind of like HA HA I can have mine now and you have to wait. You should never deny your child of anything no matter when or what the timing is.


Mady does need a drink why wouldn't Kate just give her some water poor Mady!!!!!!


kate you need reatily check!
you are snobby, mean, nasty and bitchy!


Kate is such a bitch.
If my kids wanted a drink, I would tell them to wait and give them all some water. She has no parenting skills or motherly intuition whatsoever. I know mady is a drama queen to say the least, but that was an extremely bitchy move she made when she got herself a water bottle and didn't share. It wouldn't have taken that much time to give them each a little drink.

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