Lucy Wolvert to Friends: George Clooney is Amazing Lover, Future Roommate

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Might George Clooney soon lose his title of The Planet's Most Eligible Bachelor?

Yes, if Lucy Wolvert has anything to say about it.

The aspiring model just started dating the actor last month, but is "totally smitten with George," a friend told tabloid The Globe. “They’ve started out casual, but things are moving fast and she’s told friends they’re planning to spend a large part of the summer together."

Beneath this gruff exterior, George Clooney knows how to please a woman.

Wolvert is also telling pals that she might move in with Clooney. It would be hard to blame her. After all:

“Besides being an amazing lover, Lucy says George is a true gentleman who really knows how to treat a lady," the source said. “Everyone’s just hoping it lasts and she doesn’t get her heart broken.”

What do you think, readers? Will this relationship last?


I think she's probably making a whole lot more of it than it ever was, just to get her 15 minutes. Even if there is some sort of relationship, the quickest way for her to torpedo it is to run her mouth about him. He will drop her like a hot rock for that.


A relationship usually begins before he releases a new movie. Of course to her he's a great lover. She's 23. He preys on very young women. He gets older, the women get younger and younger. He probably is a nice guy in certain circumstances, but he is a user of young, naive, model-cocktail waitress types. He will boost her "career" and move on.


No. It won't last. And WHEN will George Clooney be seen for he is??? A self-absorbed user???


Will it last, I don't even believe the story. We only saw pictures of him with her outside of a nightclub in Miami not even making any real contact but holding a conversation. So what? That doesn't mean he's in a relationship. But if any of it is true, it won't last past this comment I'm leaving. Maybe I need to stop typing and become a waitress.


No it will not last. George is a user. He does not respect women and just uses them for entertainment.


No it will not last of course she thinks it is going somewhere she is 23 years old. He will dump her like he does everybody else.

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