Len Goodman: Diagnosed with Cancer

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As the head judge on Dancing with the Stars, Len Goodman is tasked with handing out 10s to the best performances each week.

Following Goodman's recent admission that he's battling prostate cancer, though, allow us to reverse roles and deliver a top score to this brave dancing expert.

The 65-year old was diagnosed in March, but he told Britain's The Daily Mail that the disease was found early and, following surgery, he feels "right as rain."

Instead of removing the cancerous tumor immediately, Goodman actually continued his role on Dancing with the Stars for two months, critiquing Melissa Rycroft, Gilles Marini and others without showing any signs of the discomfort he was experiencing.

"I could have said 'sorry' and not done the show, but the doctors felt I wasn't riddled with it and it wasn't so far advanced that it was a life-or-death scenario," Goodman told th newspaper. "It takes a few weeks to get everything set up for the operation anyway, so I went ahead and did the show. I had the surgery done as soon as I got back from America."

Feeling fine, Goodman points to the major downside of his cancer scare.

"You can't play golf, which is the biggest blow at the moment."


I'm no dancer of any kind but some of the comments made to what is awesome dancing to me seems crude. Do not agree with poster Sheryl Kaye that the US dannce is crap nor crass (I live in Canada,eh)Love Bruno and almost share a birthday with Len...he is two days older. Carol Ann is beautiful. Good luck to all!!!!


Hi Len. I live in Hastings,New Zealand and absolutely luuuv the UK show, Dancing with the
Stars. I think we are a couple years behind but I have the programme set up to record every week. It finished last week and the American version came on on a different channel.
Oh dear, yes the dancers (when we see them) are good, but the over the top commentary, the over the top comments from dancers etc????? Obviously the money for you and Bruno to go to the US was very, very good. I will not be recording the US version every week. It is crass, over the top and unwatchable. It is a shame that you and Bruno have lowered yourselves to go and judge this crap competition. Good luck with your health and hope you will be around for many more years as a judge to the UK dancing with the stars.


Lynn u r so aunry, u can't help but be loved.


len you da man playa!!!


LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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